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Decorating Envelopes for Pen Pals

Photo - Decorating Envelopes (1)

     So, I got the We R Memory Keeper envelope punch board for Christmas and I’ve been having fun making lots of envelopes with that (which I showed you last week) but I still have a lot of envelopes lying around that I’ve bought in various sizes. I could just ignore them but I did pay money for them, albeit not that much, so I don’t want to let them all go to waste.

     Of course, they are just plain white envelopes and I can’t be sending those to pen pals! Gotta decorate them and personalise those envelopes!

Photo - Decorating Envelopes (3)     There’s a few ways I like to go about decorating envelopes – all very simple ways too because I’m not one for complicated crafts (I just get bored to be honest). The easiest way to personalise some envelopes a bit is by just adding some stickers. I had these colourful striped envelopes that I got in a Kawaii Box a few months ago. They’re already cute and colourful so all I really did was put an address label on them, add some stickers and colour in some of them. Simple but effective!

     Another way I like to decorate envelopes is with sticky labels. Of course sticky labels are great. I bought a set of Parisian themed sticky labels months ago in TK Maxx and have been using them on my letters. Some were simple lined ones and I mostly used those which left me a lot of the more decorated ones. I decided that I would just cover some envelopes completely in these ones and end ended up with this:

Photo - Decorating Envelopes (2)

     The whole back of the envelope is decorated too. I stuck an address label on so there would be a nice clear area to write the address. It’s somewhat see-through, the label is. I kinda like that because it gives a nice effect of still being able to see what’s underneath it.

     This last way of decorating envelopes uses the most material. There’s washi tape, card stock and stickers involved here!

Photo - Decorating Envelopes (4)

     I had some leftover pieces of card in various sizes from when I was doing other crafts that I thought I might use for something. Well, I finally found a use for them – decorating envelopes. Here I just quickly glued the card onto the front of the envelope and taped the edges down with matching colour tape to cover up the white. Then I just added an address label and some stickers. I added another strip of washi tape down the side of the address label and thought I should colour in some of the stickers, just to add to the brightness and summer feel of the envelope.

     See, it’s easy to decorate envelopes, even if all you have is left over pieces from other crafts! If you don’t have any suitable stickers, you can even just print off some cute pictures, cut them out and stick them down like I did for this teapot and macaroons envelope:Photo - Snail Mail Envelopes

     I hope these envelopes of mine have inspired you and given you some ideas of how you can decorate your own envelopes because really, why just have a plain white envelope when with a few minutes or work you can make something that can brighten someone’s day up! Seeing lovely envelopes pop through the letter box always puts a smile on my face 🙂


2 thoughts on “Decorating Envelopes for Pen Pals

    1. Glad you liked it! I love using sticky labels for decoration because they’re pretty cheap. I think the set of Parisian labels was about €3 and there was 125 sticky labels so a lot better value than buying a sheet or two of stickers for the same price!


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