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Making My Own Stamps!

Photo - Stamp Making (1)     It’s taken my a while to get round to this post but sure, better late than never! I bought this DIY stamp kit in Tiger months ago and I’ve only just gotten round to actually making myself some stamps. It’s been a while so I can’t be sure, but I think this set was only €7, which, considering how many stamps I made and that it comes with three small ink pads, I think is very good value!

Here’s what you get inside the box:

Photo - Stamp Making (2)

     As you can see, I’d already made a start on my stamps before I remembered to take some pictures! It’s pretty simple. You get three ink pads (the third one is black but I’ve misplaced mine), two rubber pad things and a carving tool. To make your stamps is also pretty simple. Draw what you want, carve it out with the tool and voila, you have a stamp!

     You do have to remember that if it’s something like a word to draw it backwards so that it stamps the right way – I made that mistake on some of mine when I was tired. Luckily I hadn’t started carving.

     Here’s what I made with the set:

You may recognise some of the stamps which I have used in my planner. All of these were made using only one of the pads. They’re small enough so I got quite a few! They’re not the neatest of stamps but they are useful. Obviously the smaller or more detailed you try to make a stamp the harder it is because the tool will be too big.

Seeing as I’d made quite a few small ones, I decided to use the second pad to make one big one. I figured I’d make a postcard one so that I can just stamp all the lines when I make postcards to save time instead of measuring them out so they look neat.

Photo - Stamp Making (5)

     Actually, with this I started it on the other side and forgot to take into account that the image is flipped so the stamp and address lines were on the left rather than right. Luckily you can carve on both side of these so I turned over and started again! Then I just stuck some cork board on the other side to make it easier to press down on.

     So there are the newest stamps to be added to my collection. They’ve already had some use so may they continue to do that. Like I said, for €7 I definitely think I got value out of the kit. Sometimes it’s hard to find the stamps you want for a reasonable price so in that situation, why not try make them yourself!

     If anyone has ever tried making their own stamps, how did it go? I’d love to see what others are making.


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