January Craft Haul

     Right, so did I mention to anyone that I was trying to save my money this month and that I wouldn’t be buying anything? Well, it’s going really well…if you pretend that last Friday never happened…

     I may have spent a bit too much…but I got some nice things!

Photo - January Craft Haul 2016 (1)     I starting my shopping trip off in Art&Hobby, not planning to spend much, which I did good at. I found two sets of 6×6 card stock that were only €2.50 each (half price!) and a set of A6 notecards with envelopes in the same nature pattern that I have a few sets of card in. The note card set was also half price. Then there were some sets of die-cuts with general greetings on them and they were only €0.90 each.

Photo - January Craft Haul 2016 (3)     When I was paying I was surprised with a free craft magazine which was nice. The shop was obviously getting rid of some old stock but the magazine comes with some free craft materials like die-cuts so that’s nice. I do love free stuff!

     Following my spending in Art&Hobby, I moved onto Tiger to see if there was anything worth getting there and of course there was.

     To start with, I really didn’t need another notebook but then I spotted this notebook with the planets on it and I just felt like I really, really had to have it. So now I have it. I don’t know what I’ll use it for but I’m sure there’ll be something down the line.

Photo - January Craft Haul 2016 (2)

     I didn’t go the knitting shop because I didn’t want to buy any more yarn because I already have plenty of things to knit…but then I got some yarn in Tiger anyway so I guess now I have more to knit! Least it only cost me €4. Oh, the notebook was €3 by the way. I also got a hole punch for €1 and some tape for €2.

Photo - January Craft Haul 2016 (4)     And then I went to Deals – it’s a Euro type store, except everything costs €1.49. They sell a bit of everything and every now and again I can find a few good craft things there for really cheap.

     There wasn’t too much there this time but I did pick up two sets of really cute clear stamps and a some cork embellishments.

     My last stop for my craft haul was Silkes – my usual favourite for craft stores because other than Art&Hobby it’s the only one in Limerick. I normally spend a lot in Silkes but I didn’t this time, they didn’t seem to have much of the Christmas stock on sale which I was hoping for. I still managed to find a few things though.

Photo - January Craft Haul 2016 (5)

     I needed a nice pen to write with and some clips so I got those and then there was another card stock set for only €1.50 so I picked that up (because cute owls…) and then spotted a decoupage set for only €1 and thought ‘why not’. But that was it!

     So, that’s everything I bought during my shopping trip. I’m not going to buy any more craft supplies for a while though…none in February – that’s my goal!


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