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I Love My Paper Book

Photo - Christmas Craft Presents (4)     Okay, I love my Flow Book for Paper Lovers! My parents got this for me for Christmas and I think it’s been my favourite book since then. I mean, who doesn’t love a book that is filled with crafting, wrapping, tissue, folding paper, envelopes, paper houses, postcards, garlands, a paper doll, stamps, decorative stickers, labels, posters and colouring pictures.

     Having spent a month flicking through the pages to pick out sheets for my letters, stickers to seal the envelopes and even just pretty pictures to send to my snail mail pen pals, I definitely think that this is something any snail mail or paper craft fan needs in their life.

     I mean, look at all these pretty things:

     How could you not want that.

     I’ve mostly just been using the snail mail stuff so far: sealing my letters with the stickers, using the letter paper and making the matching envelopes, but I’m definitely going to start on the craft section soon – I’m sure there’s some occasion coming up that needs colourful bunting!

     And really, the book is definitely worth it. It’s about €17 so with P&P it was €20 or €21. Considering how much fun I’m having with this, I’ll definitely be getting the next volume at the end of the year.

     Have I convinced you yet that you need this book?

     Okay, I’ll stop talking about how much I love paper now…

2 thoughts on “I Love My Paper Book

  1. You’ve certainly convinced me! =) Those pages all look so gorgeous! (The typography on the “Your eyes remind me of the forest after the rain” is especially lovely.) This book sounds like it was made for me!

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