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January Catch Up Post

     Well, January is drawing to a close so here’s a catch up post to be sure you didn’t miss anything from my blog this month.

Photo - Planning Life 25     I started the New Year off with Planning Life #25 – New Year Hopes, showing that January may be a fresh start but it doesn’t mean my planner gets neater. I also made a few goals for 2016 in effort to keep my language and craft skills up, as well to help focus on new ones.

     Shortly after that I showed you my first real sewing project in Sewing a Scarf. I may not have listed it in my 2016 goals but sewing is definitely something I want to work at and keep up this year!

Photo - Ripple Infinity Scarf (1)     Most of what I’d been knitting recently has been for other people, like this Knitted Fluffy Scarf. It had been a while since I’d made something for myself but seeing as I’d gotten some yarn for Christmas, I figured it was about time to treat myself to a Ripple Infinity Scarf. Though I quickly went back to knitting for other people again as I worked on restocking my Etsy shopPlanning Life #26 – Knitting for Etsy.

     Of course, the new year has brought me a few new pen pals which of course means I need some nice envelopes to send my letters in. You can see how I’ve made and decorated these in Making Envelopes with the We R Memory Keepers Punch Board and Decorating Envelopes for Pen Pals. Paper is of course an integral part of snail mail so see what I thought of the Flow Book for Paper Lovers here.

Photo - Stamp Making (3)     As for crafts, I wasn’t up to too much this month, although I did Make My Own Stamps which was fun, if somewhat messy and sore (if you’re as prone to stabbing yourself with craft utensils as I am).

     And, last but not least, I took a break from planners, knitting and crafts to show you…how I spend lots of money for my planners, knitting and crafts in my January Craft Haul. So much for saving money…

     And that’s all for January. I actually can’t believe the month is over. It has gone by so quickly. Does anyone else feel January has gone by fast or is it just me? How’s everyone doing with their goals for the year so far?





2 thoughts on “January Catch Up Post

  1. Yes January went by fast, but I am happy with all the progress I have made this month, I even used this weekend as a little catch up before February starts. Can’t wait to see what this month brings us.

    BTW love that you do these post at the end of the month, that way I can make sure I didn’t miss anything, and new readers know what kinds of things to expect each month.

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    1. I’m not the only one then! It seems weird that a whole month has already gone by. I’m hoping that February brings some dry weather but I think that’s wanting a bit too much I think xD
      And thanks! Can’t take too much credit for the idea though, borrowed it from Karen over at after I saw her do weekly catch up posts 😀

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