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What’s in my bag?

     Inspired by Karen over at Confetti&Curves and her What’s In My Bag… video that she did a few weeks back (does take me a while to do things), I’ve decided to take a little break from the crafting and haul posts. The what’s in my bag topic seems to be popular so I think it’s time that we took a quick peak in my bag! I often see this topic covered by beauty bloggers who have lots of beauty products in their bags to show off which makes it interesting for their followers to watching but be forewarned: my bag content isn’t all that interesting.

Photo - What's in my Bag (1)     I guess first off we need to take a look at the bag itself; as you can see I am not a handbag type of girl. My bag is a drawstring bag that I bought on Etsy back in July (from this shop).

     But what about the inside of the bag? You ask. Well, the inside is just one section with two small pouches on the side. I do frequently lose things in my bag but I lose things in any bag I have no matter what the size. The two small pouches are handy though for things like my phone and my inhaler.

Photo - What's in my Bag (6)

Let’s start with the pouches then. This is the contents one of them:

     I have the important stuff like my phone, my ipod, a small notebook and pen for notes and of course, my house keys. The good news is I just fond my house keys while photographing for this post. Why I never check my bag for them I don’t know…but yes, some obvious stuff. Nothing surprising here!

Photo - What's in my Bag (4)     The other small pouch contains boring but necessary things like medication and female products. Yes, that is a pad – hey, I’m photographing everything in my bag and there’s nothing shocking about pads (I mean I’m sure that 99% of my blog readers are female so we all know the importance of being prepared for that shitty time of the month!). Also, it’s always important to have a pack of tissues with you, especially if you have allergies like I do, and of course an inhaler, if you happen to be asthmatic. I’m not a serious asthmatic, thankfully, but it’s still important to have an inhaler at all times. The small box that looks like a book – that’s my drug box! No really, it is. I have some Rennies in there, some Nurofen Cold and Flu, some Imodium and Motilium, some anti-histamines…some bandages too – I like to think I’m prepared for any problem that might hit. Well, the most common problems anyway.

     But onto that big section of my bag!

Photo - What's in my Bag (2)

     I have an umbrella. I may forget that I have it 80% of the time but it’s there. For a country where it rains so much, surprisingly few people have umbrella’s. I mean most of the time I will just look at the rain and think ‘sure it’s just a drizzle – I’ll just pop my hood up’. I was defeated one day a few years back when I was in Belfast and it started raining when I was on my way to a class and it wasn’t just a drizzle…and I learned how unpleasant it is to sit through an Old English tutorial for an hour soaking wet. It still raining by the time the class finished, I figured I should go get an umbrella. It was painful paying that £8 for an umbrella but it is still with me today. And that is the story of how I ended up with an umbrella. I did warn you that my bag isn’t very interesting, didn’t I? Anyway, I’m learning to appreciate the benefits of the umbrella…for keeping my craft supplies dry because paper and rain don’t mix well. And of course I have some big, warm fingerless gloves in my bag at the moment because it is winter after all.

     Next is my planner – of course I pop my planner into my bag when I go out! Well, most of the time. If I’m going to be out more than an hour or two I do. Not that I need it usually, but it does help me feel important. In that box to the left my planner in the photo is a pair of prescription sunglasses. At least I think they’re still in that box. To be honest, haven’t opened that glasses case in a while. I got these sunglasses last summer and I can count the number of times that I’ve worn them on one hand. It’s not that I hate wearing them it’s just that there’s no sun. Seriously, even in the midst of summer, there were so few clear days with strong sunlight justifying switching over to sunglasses that I forgot I had them most of the time. They just live in my bag…waiting…waiting for their opportunity to protect my eyes and allow me to see at the same time. Someday their day will come. Someday.

But moving on! Next item up from in my bag – my purse. Well of course I need that in there, would be terrible if I got out and found I didn’t have any money…not that I actually have any money in my purse. Oh wouldn’t that be nice, to have money! I got this purse back in July as well, also on Etsy (from this shop). It’s holding up well. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t just get new bags and purses regularly so I will likely have these until they fall apart and am forced to get new ones.

Photo - Knitting and Drawing     Two more slightly fun items up now – at the moment, I also happen to have a pencil case in my bag that is shaped like a giant pencil with a world map on it (you may remember that I bought this when I went to London). It’s got a few nice pens in there in case I want to sketch anything when I’m out on a day trip or something. I also happen to have some knitting in my bag in case I want to knit. These two things aren’t always in there of course, but if I’m going somewhere for the day they’re there. I mean, you never know when you might find the opportunity to knit a dishcloth.

     Obviously other stuff appears in my bag from time to time. My bridge camera can frequently be found in there and usually there’s a half smashed pack of breakfast biscuits for snacking on but I obviously ate the last pack that was in there and never replaced them – tut tut to me! It’s a bag of extremes, my bag. Either it’s practically empty because I’ve decided to de-clutter it or it’s so full you can’t find anything in it. There is no middle ground it seems.

Photo - What's in my Bag (9)     Oh, one more thing actually. Obviously my bag it in a cluttered mode at the moment so there’s no room in there for if I buy anything when I’m out…so I bought a bag for my bag recently. I got this one in Tiger. It was €3 but isn’t it cute? I mean come on, it’s a strawberry bag! Yes, very useful – tip for everyone out there, always have one of these small foldable bags in your bag.

     But that’s that. That is my bag and now you know that I’m not a very interesting person but that I really like drugs…I think that’s what this post sums up too.

3 thoughts on “What’s in my bag?

  1. Oh my gosh Ems what a stunningly pretty bag – I’m in love!!!! Beautiful ❤ And how cute are all the contents?!?! I think we have identical tastes… must be an Irish thing!? lol Thank you so much for the lovely mention too, what a gem you are! Really enjoyed this post, lovely to take a peek into your beautiful bag! Karen xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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