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Orange and Brown and Grey, oh my!

Photo - Snood

     I was going to write a knitting post about something I’ve knitted recently but those things…well, I’m actually still knitting them. It’s hard to show the finished result when you haven’t finished so I’ll get right on that. Instead, look at this thing I knitted before Christmas. Actually…this picture is of one I knitted in October…but I knitted another in December so that’s just pretend it’s that one. Anyway, ss this a cowl? A snood? I don’t even know. The ball-band said it was a snood but I think it’s a cowl…

     Okay, let’s leave that aside. Look at this thing I knitted! I knitted it using the Paton Fab Big Rainbow yarn and just followed the knitting pattern on the back of the ball band. It’s a one ball knits a …thing… yarn, and we know how much I love those. But I really did not love the pattern. Seriously, it was so complicated to follow – I didn’t know what I doing because of how awkwardly it was phrased. When I got to the rows that were just knit or just purl it was a relief because that I actually understood. Lovely yarn, nice and chunky but just don’t bother with that pattern that comes with it. If you value your sanity.

3 thoughts on “Orange and Brown and Grey, oh my!

    1. Ah, tangled yarn. I seem to be forever haunted by that! I spent about two hours just the other day untangling some so I could start knitting. By the time I finished untangling though I was tired so I never started 😀 I haven’t done crochet before but it is actually one of my goals for this year 🙂

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