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Small Gifts for a New Home

     Right, I’ve been slacking on the crafts recently so I don’t have many new things to show… I’m now looking back through my list of things I made last year and never got round to talking about for stuff. At least I found this pin board and tray I decorated for my sister when she moved out last August!

Photo - Tray and Frame

     See, it always pays to have a store of pictures of for when days like this come round!

     So, when my sister moved out last year I made and decorated a few things for her new place. The tray was already a pretty nice tray. It was white and the bottom had a vintage cupcake design on it, but she’d already bought the tray for herself to put in her kitchen. I got another one and decided to paint it grey and stick some wallpaper to the bottom so that she’d also have a travel themed tray to put in her living room. The tray only cost about €5 so I didn’t feel too bad messing with it.

     The frame was just a cheap frame that a bought for about €3 ages back. I used some really pretty French themed napkins to decorate the frame part and rather than put a picture in it, I decided to take the glass out and put some cork board in it so that it could be used as a small, easily transportable pin board. I quite like how it turned out. I might make some more now actually, I do have a lot of pretty napkins that are going to waste…


7 thoughts on “Small Gifts for a New Home

  1. Hey Emma, first that cork board frame is such a great idea 🙂 It looks awesome. And I wanted to ask what you think would be the best things to see in Dublin. My friend and I are going in March and I just thought I see what you think we should do?

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    1. Thanks 🙂
      When in March will you be in Dublin? The obvious things for March would be the St. Patrick’s Day parade if you’re there on the 17th. And if you’re around during easter week, there will probably be a lot of events on relating to the 1916 Easter Rising as this year is the centenary celebration. If you want museums, the National Museum at Collins Barracks is good and so is Kilmainham Gaol. I guess a lot of people like to visit the Guinness Storehouse, though I’ve never been.

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    2. Well there will probably be a few 1916 Centenary events on even at the start of the month if that’s the kind of thing that you’re interested in. If you get good weather (which admittedly is seeming unlikely judging by the last three months almost constant rain), Phoenix Park is a nice place to walk around. The zoo is also there 🙂


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