Ikea Haul from January

     Really, who doesn’t love Ikea. Seeing as the nearest one is in Dublin and I don’t go to Dublin that often, I was very excited when I had another chance about two weeks ago to wander round the store. I mean, I was also incredibly excited to be going to see Chris Hadfield do a talk which was the reason I was up in Dublin, but shopping in Ikea was a good way of filling in time before that.

Ikea Craft Haul, washi tapes

     Anyway, so there I was in Ikea…and you should know what happens next in this tale – I found some tape, a lovely set of four tapes. The picture I took isn’t great but there’s a pink chevron tape, a grey chevron tape, a black geometric pattern tape and really pale light green tape. I liked the look of these quite a lot so I actually bought a second set. I should have plenty of these for a while!

ikea craft haul gift bags     I had a field day looking at the gift wrapping there which is always really nice but I ended up not getting any wrapping paper. I did though pick up a selection of gift bags to rebuild the store of them since so many were used up over Christmas. I especially like the small ones. I’m not sure how useful they are but they are adorable!

     I also picked up some green ribbon because why not! And some scissors – I keep destroying mine by using them on tape and things covered in glue. I thought that was all I would get in that section but then I spotted these two really cute sets of tags that I thought would be perfect for swaps and sending to pen pals.

     The biggest purchase in Ikea though was the sewing machine. I wasn’t planning on getting it. In fact, I didn’t even spot it. It was my mom who spotted it and wanted to know if I wanted it as it was only €55 so she got it for me. Now I have a proper big sewing machine to learn how to use! I haven’t used it yet – been busy doing some knitting – but I have some nice fabric that I bought just after Christmas so hopefully I’ll find a moment to make some more scarves.

Photo - Ikea Haul (5)

     Oh, and that lamp was also gotten in Ikea. It’s pretty handy being able to twist it whatever way I want when I’m working on crafts. It’s nice that I can finally see what I’m doing.

Photo - Ikea Haul (6)     While all the other things weren’t planned, I did actually have it on my list to get a pin board and a magazine holder so that I could organise my desk and I did remember to get them! I’ve been able to clear up a little bit of my desk space and hopefully now I’ll actually remember where things are.

     I also got one of those cheap tables that’s only €6 but there’s no sense in showing you that as it’s just a plain white table wrapped up. Just know that I have plans for it…

     And on that somewhat ominous note I shall end this post!


6 thoughts on “Ikea Haul from January

    1. Hopefully you’ll find some 🙂 I’ve gotten washi tapes other places that are really pretty but don’t actually stick to anything. The Ikea ones are pretty and a good quality though 🙂

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  1. Wow, what a worth while trip Emma – LOVE the tape, it’s so pretty and I’m sure you’ll have fun creating gorgeous crafty items. The sewing machine is fabulous!!!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with, just think of all the awesome little crafts & projects you’ll be able to work on!!! V exciting! XXX

    Liked by 1 person

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