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Snail Mail Flip Book Swap

     I’ve known about swap-bot for a few months now but it was only at the start of this year that I decided to start using the site and participating in swaps – for anyone who doesn’t know what swap-bot is, it’s this cool site where there are loads of different swaps that people are hosting ranging from email swaps and follow me on Instagram swaps to more costly swaps where you buy or make things for people.

Photo - Snail Mail Flip Book Swap (1)     I’ve participated in a few type 1 (electronic) swaps so far but I just finished with my first snail mail swap which was to send your partner a snail mail flip book. I got my flip book in the post the other day and it was lovely to get it, open it, read the letter and see the lovely goodies sent to me! I had a lot of fun making my flip book too so I thought I’d show how it turned out.

     To start with, it kept popping open when I closed it so I actually used a magnet bookmark that a pen pal had given me to keep it closed.

Photo - Snail Mail Flip Book Swap (7)     On the first page on the left is just a page decorated with some card held in place by tape. I stuck another piece of while card on top which I had decorated using some stamps and die cuts. Then on the right I just decorated the page with cut-offs of washi tape. I popped the letter into the pocket and because it was looking a little plain, I made a mini envelope and stuck a few tags and die cuts in it.

Photo - Snail Mail Flip Book Swap (4)

     On the second page, I used a light blue ink to colour in the page and some purple ink too. I just rubbed the ink pad over the pages. On the left page I used some tape to close up the pocket and put in it one of the really cute little houses that’s in the Flow Book for Paper Lovers. When I was cutting it, the quote ‘If more people valued home above gold, this world would be a merrier place’ from The Hobbit movie popped into my head. I love that quote and it seemed fitting so I just wrote it down and stuck it on the pocket. I didn’t do much to decorate the right side but I filled it with journal cards and a few sticky labels.

Photo - Snail Mail Flip Book Swap (5)

     For the final pages, I decorated them using floral themed card. I just put some stickers, washi tape samples and a paper clip on the left side. For the right, I glued a travel themed pocket on and filled it tags (already making use of some of those tags I got in my Ikea Haul!) and finished it off with a die cut.

Photo - Snail Mail Flip Book Swap (6)

     And that is the flip book that I sent off to the UK! I hope that it is well received. I had fun making it and deciding what to put in it so I’ll be making some more of these in the future I’m sure!

     And don’t forget, if anyone reading this wants to become snail mail friends or even just send each other one off flip books or happy mails, don’t hesitate to ask!


11 thoughts on “Snail Mail Flip Book Swap

  1. Hi Emma… I am just learning how to make flip books. This is my first time so I have been doing a lot of research and watching videos. I’m still not sure what the “mail tag” is for in the middle of the book. If you have time to do a swap I would like to get some feedback on my 1st one ( or anyoner else). Thanks in advance.

    Kathy C

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Watching videos, best place to start and gather ideas! The ‘mail tag’ section is usually where people ask a few random questions or make a list for the person getting it to fill in. Often people are sending flip books to pen pals and mail tags are just fun ways of sparking topics of conversation that might not come up in the main body of a letter.
      I’d love to do swap by the way, haven’t made any flip books in a while, it’d be fun!


    1. Thanks xD It is a Norse mythology tarot card! I got this set of tarot cards years ago because they were pretty, all the cards have animals and figures from mythologies from all over the world. The person I was sending the flip book too liked Norse myth so it seemed fitting 🙂


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