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Cheap Ikea Table Craft

     You may remember that earlier this week I had an Ikea Haul post and mentioned a cheap table that I bought and had plans for…

Photo - Ikea Table

The BEFORE look

     Well, this isn’t that table, but it’s a similar one! This is a table that I bought over the summer when I was in Ikea and it’s the pricier one. It possibly cost up to €11! Crazy, crazy prices, I know, but I splurged and took the risk of messing around with it a bit and turned a simple white table into a blue and black chalkboard table!

Photo - Ikea Table II     To start with, I just painted the top of it with black chalkboard paint. Done. Now you have a versatile table good for small children and adults alike! I did actually sandpaper the top first so that the paint would go on easier…I say I did, I got my dad to do that. I don’t actually know where the sandpaper is in this house.

     Anyway, then for the legs and the lower shelf, I thought about doing something different. I had some yarn that I wasn’t using and thought ‘that could work!’. To do it, I covered the shelf with double sided tape and basically just started wrapping the yarn around tightly. Simple…but time consuming. I basically just used the width of the tape to determine the width of the stripes.

Photo - Ikea Table III     And that’s that. We’re actually using the table as the coffee table and have been for several months now so I’m always throwing my shit on it, even putting my feet up on it, and it seems to be holding up alright. All in all, I’m happy about my table design – I even managed to put the table together myself…yes I know, it’s not difficult but still, first piece of furniture I assembled!

     Anyway, just thought that I would share this with you to show that if you can’t find a table to match your room, you can always make it match. The Ikea tables are great for practising skills on because they’re so cheap. You can really make a cheap table look like it costs a lot more and I’m sure they could make great gifts too for new home owners.


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