Planning Life #27 – A Month of Weeks

Photo - Planning Life 27 (1)

     Okay, hadn’t realised it’d been about a month since I last did a planner post! I guess I have a few weeks to catch up on. I haven’t been up to much at all for the last few weeks so I don’t have many life updates so let’s just look at the pages instead.

     Usually I have a colour theme each week depending on which tape I happen to pull out of my box but as you can see…last week had no theme what-so-ever. I was just using a few different tapes that I’ve gotten from pen pals and a few random stickers because really, who needs to be neat and organised with an object meant to help you be organised!

Photo - Planning Life 27 (2)     The week before, I sort of had a colour theme of yellow and grey. I had plans to decorate my planner but I didn’t feel like getting my craft supplies so I just grabbed a pencil and some pens. I had plans to dedicate each day to something so I wrote words in pencil for each day and wrote my to-do lists over them. I decided that week to not over plan my days so I wouldn’t feel disappointed when I didn’t get things done…I still managed to not get things done though. I can plan to do one thing a day and still not do anything – it’s a real skill of mine.

Photo - Planning Life 27 (3)

     Next up is a very simple purple themed week where…okay, seriously, looking back on this now I have no idea what I’ve been doing for these past weeks because there are almost no ticks on this pages…I really need to start making better lists.

     Let’s just move on from that week and try to not notice my inability to do things. Instead, lets look at my lovely pink and orange colour theme where I used some of the stamps I made  along with my owl and heart stamp set to fill in space. I quite like my pencil stamp. I think it’s cute. And I’m also growing quite fond of pink and orange together.

Photo - Planning Life 27 (4)

     And I think that’s everyone caught up on my planner pages and to-do lists. As you can see, my organiser isn’t really all that organised. When it comes to decorating pages, I tend to just pick a random colour tape, make a few stripes and figure it out from there. I feel I should start planning my planner better though. Maybe I need to plan my plans for my planner…

Photo - Old Blog Look     By the way, did anyone notice the new blog look? I decided to update my blog with a new theme and a slight reconfiguring of the sidebar. What do you think? Which look do you prefer, the old or the new? Feel free to let me know. The old look was a little bit darker but if that’s preferred I can always switch back. Also, thoughts on infinite scroll on the home page?

     Oh yes, and before I finish this post I’d just like to mention that I recently passed 200 followers on my blog. I think I’m up to around 206 or 207 at the moment. It’s not a lot compared to some blogs out there but it is to me so I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who follows and takes a few moments out of their busy lives to read my blog. 🙂


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