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A Pink Scarf for the Spring

     You know, sometimes I buy something and it might take me a week to post my haul on the blog. Sometimes I’ll make something and it could be a month before I post it because I have quite a few things to show off…in this case, well, I knitted this scarf about 8 months ago and I’m only just getting round to showing it. I’ve actually had the photos taken for ages as well but other things seemed to keep coming up.

     But without further ado, I present to you…a pink scarf.

Photo - Pink Scarf II
Photo - Pink Scarf     There we go. A pink scarf, nice and light and suitable for the spring. I knitted this scarf my mom using the Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo yarn. I wouldn’t normally buy pink yarns but it was on sale. Normally a 50g ball of this yarn is €4.50 but at the time it was reduced to €2.25 so I couldn’t resist that. Look, I’m a sucker for sale items!

     It’s a really nice feeling yarn too so all the more reason to get it. I wanted it to be a short enough scarf and normally you’d use 4mm needles with this yarn but I think I used 8mm needles so that I’d get a light and airy scarf. The added benefit of that is it uses less yarn so I think I used less than 2 balls for this project.

     My pictures of it aren’t great but it turned out alright, I like to think anyway. It’s just a simple garter knit scarf but using bigger needles really makes a difference. Maybe could have done with more fringing but considering the materials for the scarf added up to only €4.50 and it was a quick knit (knitted it in a day!), I think it was a success.

Photo - Pink Sale Yarn


3 thoughts on “A Pink Scarf for the Spring

  1. Weird question for you: does the Sirdar Snuggly smell funny? I got some last year and made a blanket with it. It looks and feels lovely but it had a really odd smell. Lovely scarf!! The pictures are great but I’m slightly scared of polystyrene heads!

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