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Stone Tile Coasters

Photo - Coasters III     I have a love for coasters…despite the fact that I don’t actually use them (I just seem to keep forgetting to). I love making them though (see my chalkboard coasters or wood disk coasters, for example). If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now you might also remember that I made a set of stone coaster tiles last year for Mother’s Day.

     Well I’ve made a few more sets of similar coasters since then, using both my sisters moving out as an excuse (seriously, coasters – good house warming gifts). This particular style of coaster is really easy to make too. All you need are heavy stone tiles, decorated napkins and glue (I like using modge podge). They’re really, really simple to make and are a great way of making use of napkins because really, there are a lot of pretty napkin designs out there and it seems a waste to just wipe my face on them. Anyone else feel this way?

      If you’ve never done this before, it’s all really simple.

     All you have to do is clean the tile, cover is with glue, stick the napkin down, wait for it to dry and then cover it was a protective layer of more glue. One napkin can cover four tiles and can cut the napkin to size or just tear it, which can give a nice effect. You can also use any tile really, whatever’s cheap and you can get your hands on, but I like to use the stone ones with the natural little holes in them because I like the effect it gives and also, it means you don’t have to worry so much about little bubbles and bumps forming when you glue the napkin down. Anyway, once you’ve covered the tiles with napkins, use some corkboard or felt on the bottom to protect your tables and finish them up with a ribbon to make a great gift for someone.

     Mother’s day is next month so this might be a craft to keep in mind.


8 thoughts on “Stone Tile Coasters

    1. It really does… I always see wee packs and end up putting them away but never use them cause they’re ‘too pretty’ – no logic in my thinking at all lol But this is the perfect way to use them – and it’s going to look awesome in my beauty room as a wee coaster for cups of tea 😀

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    1. Thanks!
      There’s just so many pretty napkin packs out there! A shame to let them go to waste. I have quite a large selection them and now I’m just on a quest to justify my purchases 😀

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