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Knitted Green and Cream Scarf

Photo - Green Scarf II    So, last week I showed you a pink scarf that I knitted with the Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo yarn.  I have another one for you this week.

     Similarly, this too is a scarf that I knitted months and months and months ago.

     Obviously a more complicated scarf than the pink one…because I changed colours…ya…It’s basically the same as the last one but with sections of just garter stitch every 12 inches or so.

Photo - Green Scarf     I really need to make an effort of posting things shortly after I make them. I’m not gonna lie, I actually can’t even remember knitting this it was that long ago so I can’t tell you any interesting stories about how I made it – okay I just have a terribly memory so half a year is a long time ago.

     Actually, I think I might have knitted this one first and then knitted the pink one.

     Yup, really need to take better notes of when and how I make things!

One thought on “Knitted Green and Cream Scarf

  1. Love sirdar snuggly! Such a great yarn for so many different projects. I love that green too – I’m working on a clapotis in that green and a light pink at the moment. Thanks for sharing!
    -Ang (angel1985 on SwapBot for the February Blog Hop)


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