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Behind The Blog featuring Emma from Puddle Side Musings…

Hey guys, hope everyone’s having a good day today.
I’ve mentioned the lovely Karen from Confetti and Curves on my blog before. Well, she does this wonderful Behind the Blog series where she interviews different bloggers and this week I got featured so check it out! It’s pretty exciting.
Karen is just a wonderful person and blogger so I’m really encouraging everyone to head over to her beauty blog and give it a read if you haven’t already. Go on, head over there right now.

Puddle Side Musings

Hey Chums…

Firstly a huge big thank you for all the awesome feedback & oodles of kind comments on yesterdays feature Building A Beauty Room: The Reveal. It’s been such a fun and inspiring project to work on and I honestly can’t thank my hubby enough for putting all the hours into making it such the perfect little space. Best of all is how affordable the entire room cost to put together, so if home decor and organisation (particularly on a budget) sounds right up your street then do get over and check it out; you just might find yourself rolling up the sleeves for a spot of DIY too!

Talking of organisation, I’m beyond chuffed to introduce y’all to one of my awesome blog buddies who’s a massive inspiration when it comes to creative planning, crafting and organisation tips, as the talented Emma from Puddle Side Musings joins us on the virtual sofa. I’m often in awe…

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