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Pink Wedding Card

   My sister has a friend’s wedding next month so I offered to make a wedding card for her. I made one last year for my cousin’s wedding and really enjoyed making it so I was looking forward to doing this. Her friend like’s Disney things a lot (fairly certain there’s quite a few Disney themed items at her wedding) but as I didn’t have any Disney themed craft material, I went for the next best thing I did have: cute and pink.

     I started how I always start – by folding a piece of paper in half (always a good place to start when you’re making it up as you go along).

Photo - Cute Pink Wedding Card Craft (1)

     Before Christmas I had bought these two really cute die-cut and decoupage sets that were really cheap, less than €2 each. I figured now was as good a time as any to actually use them. The pink paper for the front of the card came from one set and the ‘congratulations’ and hot air balloon came from another. I used some 3D foam dots for some volume and thought it would be really cute if I used some pink thread to dangle the mini tag from the balloon, so I did that! I thought the front could do with a little something else so I found a tag with an appropriate phrase and popped that on there too.

Photo - Cute Pink Wedding Card Craft (3)

     For the inside of the card, I lined it with the pink sheets of paper that came in the same set as the balloon on the front. I made little pouch on the right hand side so my sister can put some money into the card. I just used some leftover pieces from making the envelope for this. I wasn’t sure what to do for the left hand side but eventually I settles on sticking some more wedding themed die cuts there.

Photo - Cute Pink Wedding Card Craft (2)     For the back, all I did was stick some pink paper on it so it would be somewhat in line with the pink all over the rest of the card. Then I just stamped ‘handmade with love’ onto the bottom right corner. Isn’t it cute? It came in a set of clear stamps that were really cheap.

 Photo - Cute Pink Wedding Card Craft (4)    As for the envelope, well of course I used my envelope punch to make that to the right size and I just thought the ‘Mr&MRS’ die cut would be a nice touch for sealing it up.

     When I think of wedding cards I for some reason conjure images of white and silver, somewhat like the last wedding card I made, so I was a bit worried at first using so much pink. I think it came out nice though and feels a lot more special than a generic store bought card with a cartoon bride and groom on it or something like that.

     What do you think?


9 thoughts on “Pink Wedding Card

  1. I LOVE THAT HOT AIR BALLOON! 🙂 I always wish I could use chunkier decoupage stickers/3D embellishments in my envelope art, but generally the mail system doesn’t respond too well to that…at least we can keep on putting them in cards like you have done so beautifully here!

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    1. Isn’t it just adorable? Wish I had just lots of that balloon.:) I really want to use more cute 3D embellishments in my snail but it’s annoying having to make sure the envelope isn’t too thick, especially because I write a lot and tend to use small envelopes so once I fold the letter it’s already bulging.


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