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February Catch Up Post

  Another month is almost up. It’s hard to believe, the year is going by so quickly and I just feel like I’m not getting enough done. Hopefully I can catch up on my goals in March – I really need to start reading the Japanese translation of The Philosopher’s Stone if I’m going to stand a chance of finishing it before the end of the year! A lot of things on my general to-do lists though are dependent on my wi-fi working for my then 3 minutes out of the hour so we’ll have to see how productive I can actually be.

     But enough of that. I may feel behind on things but I have actually written a few blog posts this month so I’m here with a catch up post looking back on everything I’ve posted in February. Make sure you haven’t missed anything!

Photo - What's in my Bag (1)     Surprisingly, I didn’t actually start the month with a craft post at all. Instead, I took a look at What’s in my Bag, which sadly wasn’t very interesting but I did manage to ramble on about it for a while. I’m good at that!

     I did go back to the usual knitting and crafting posts after that though. I used this month to show off a few knitting projects from last year that I just never had the time to post before. First there was a brown, orange and grey snood that I knitted using some really chunky yarn – definitely a winter warmer! Seeing as spring is (hopefully) nearing though, I also thought it fitting to post some less wintery things as well. I had a pink scarf and a green and cream scarf that would be suitable for the warmer weather, if that warmer weather ever comes. I would just settle for some dry weather…

Photo - Ikea Haul (5)     I’ve been pretty good with money this month. I have spent stuff but I think it was mostly on things I actually needed. I really did need a hoody…the only haul worth posting about was My January Ikea Haul which, as the name suggests, actually took place at the end of January! Mind you, as this post goes out I’m actually in the shops at a docraft event in one of the Art&Hobby shops so you can probably expect some hauls in March!

     In terms of my planner posts, I was slacking a bit. I only had the one Planning Life post, although I did show you four weeks of planner pages in it so you’re at least caught up!

Photo - Coasters I     I had a few craft posts this month and they all seem to be home related. First there was my Up-cycling an Ikea Table which is something that’s really simple and fun to do. Then I had a few small things (a tray and a framed pinboard) which, again are very simple crafts and, make great house warming gifts. The last of the homwware crafts were another set of stone tile coasters. I’m somewhat biased but I think these are a great idea, especially since Mother’s Day is coming up next week.

Photo - Snail Mail Flip Book Swap (4)     My snail mail in February went pretty well. I made a few new pen pals and I even participated in my first snail mail swap-bot swap. I made my first snail mail flip book and thankfully the recipient was delighted with! As for other paper crafts, I returned to card making as my sister asked if I could make a wedding card the one she has to go to next month.

     And those were the posts I wrote in February! I was also featured by Karen from Confetti and Curves on her Behind the Blog series which was wonderful so I guess February was a good month.

     With February over then, I guess it’s time to March on!


11 thoughts on “February Catch Up Post

  1. Your crafts look very creative and fun. I am still working on moving up to more crafty swaps myself. I generally stick to pen pals and journals as well as blog hops. You are an inspiration to me as I am slacking. Keep up the good work. – Peanutsmommy7 – February 2016 Blog Hop

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  2. Brill round up – I absolutely adore all the posts, you’re one heck of a creative gal! You should be out there doing craft classes or something! Fantastic 🙂 And of course, thanks again for being a guest on Behind The Blog, it was such a treat featuring you! Hope you have as great wee week ahead lovely XXXXX

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    1. I’d probably have to know what I’m doing to do a craft class! What you don’t see on the crafts I put up on my blog is the hour I spent sitting at my desk staring at bits and pieces wondering why I bought them in the first place and what the hell I’m gonna do with them xD

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    2. I know what you mean… saying it behind a screen is soooo much easier – plus you can mull over it for a bit,don’t think a class full of people would have the same patience lol xxx

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    3. lol, don’t think so! Probably couldn’t get away with things like ‘hold that thought for a moment, I’ll let you know what to do next once I google it and figure it out for myself!’ xD

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