Spring Time Giveaway

       Hey lovely readers of my blog!

     I’m really excited for this post because guess what, I’m doing another giveaway! I just like doing giveaways because I have fun putting together packages like this. Originally I had planned to do a giveaway when I passed 200 followers but that kind of just slipped by so instead, let’s just say that this is to welcome in the spring with colourful crafting and scrapbooking supplies.

Photo - March 2016 Giveaway

     I can’t do super big giveaways but I still have some nice stuff to give away. I’ve tried to put together a right selection of goodies including a notebook, confetti, tags, washi tape samples, a few journal cards, some clear stamps, some note cards, sticky labels and even some card stock, all with as many colourful flowers as I could find!

     As ever, the rules of my giveaway are pretty simple:

  • Like this post
  • Follow my blog, if you’re not already (see the sidebar for different ways you can follow)
  • Leave a comment on this post with the phrase ‘Spring time giveaway’ somewhere in it

     I won’t make it compulsory but of course it’s always appreciated if you can reblog this post or share it in some way.

     The deadline for entering this giveaway will be 12pm on March 21st so there’s three weeks to enter.

     Happy spring time everyone!

     Oh yes, and this giveaway is international 🙂


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