Kawaii Box Show Off

     Ah, really should have posted this AGES ago, like…maybe back in January when it arrived but like I sometimes say, better late than never! I present to the December Kawaii Box which arrived in January and is getting posted about in March!

Photo - December Kawaii Box (1)     As usual, there was plenty of very cute stuff in the box. I quite liked the cute purse which is now being used to store my homemade stamps in and of course I needed a facecloth rolled up to look like a lollipop. One of my favourite things from the December box though was this cute little owl notebook and pen set. I mean seriously, how adorable is that!

Photo - December Kawaii Box (2)     Other favourites from the December box include a pen with a cat on it (which is a nice enough pen to write with), a set of stickers featuring chubby animals, and a roll of tape. In the list of items it said it was washi tape but it’s actually fabric tape – you have to peel off the underside to reveal the sticky tape.

     Overall, it was an alright box. I’m building up a selection of phone charms which, while cute, I don’t really need and I’m not sure what to do the nail stuff because I don’t bother doing anything with my nails…also, to be honest the fake nails look like they’d be to small for mine. I must admit  that I much preferred the November box…which I got in December.

Photo - Kawaii Box Stuff (1)

Photo - Kawaii Box Stuff (2)     The November box contained this utterly adorable desktop calendar which I now have in my craft room and a really cute pen in the shape of a boot (which also happens to be once of the nicest pens I have to write with!). There was also a really cute Christmas card, a set of mini highlighters and a drawstring pouch – which I sadly forgot to photograph but trust me, it was lovely. I used the pouch to wrap up my friends Christmas present.

     Sadly, the December Kawaii Box was my last box, for now at least. I had to cancel my order because I’m trying this spending as little money as possible thing and the box was €17 a month. Maybe if I come across a suitcase filled with money I’ll be able to subscribe again because I really did enjoy this subscription box arriving at my door and brightening up my day with its selection of kawaii goodies. Alas, I do need to save my money though.

5 thoughts on “Kawaii Box Show Off

  1. From Swap Bot. What a bunch of great things you have received in your Kawaii boxes! I particuarly like that calendar with the cat peeking over the top of the months.

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  2. That owl set is ridiculously adorable! I have a list of “subscription boxes I’ll get if I ever find a treasure chest/win the lottery/discover a lost city”–why must they be so amazing and yet so expensive? 😀 Gotta keep an eye out for suitcases filled with money!

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    1. I know, there’s just so many amazing looking subscription boxes out there, I’d be spending a fortune if I were to get them all! Guess they’ll just have to remain as an occasional treat 🙂


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