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Taping Covers – Personalising Some Notebooks

Photo - Japanese Notebook (1)     This is a super short craft post that I have this week but I feel there’s still some worth in posting about it. Ages ago I bought this nice notepad for taking down various different notes and jotting ideas. It just had a plain black cover though which I thought was a bit boring so I washi taped it up!

     I had a few black washi tapes so I thought those would do well (and make the bit at the top by the spiral where there is no tape less obvious). I also decided to add a strip of blue tea time tape, just to get a little colour in there! All I did was tape these down in stripes, long enough to wrap around to the inside. Then, just to be sure that the tapes stayed in place, I used some modge podge on it (any glue will do).

     On the inside, just to cover up where the tapes meet and it looks messy, I used a scrap of card to make it look cleaner and voila! A slightly nicer looking (in my opinion) notebook cover.

     It’s pretty basic but if you have a lot of notebooks that look the same, washi tape is great for personalizing them.

Photo - Japanese Notebook (2)

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