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Getting Back into Art

     You see me post a lot of crafts on this blog but drawing is also a great love of mine. In fact, before I started Puddle Side Musings (which was originally focused on rants and tales my uninteresting student life), I had an art blog called Idle Emma’s Ideal Spot. I posted my drawings and photos there. If you want to see my old photos and drawings, do head over there. I haven’t been doing much art in the past year or so but it’s something I’m trying to get back into.

     Last month I bought a new sketch pad and for the past few weeks I’ve been sketching and colouring in some ideas. A (possibly not so) secret of mine is that I love maps, especially making fantasy worlds and that’s what my drawings have been focusing on.

     It started when I was flicking through the photos in Chris Hadfield’s You are Here book. I think it was a picture of sand being blown over a cliff (taken from space) but there was a strong outline and an interesting shape to it so I traced it and used some water colours to bring it to life with a suggestion of a landscape. I just bought a really cheap set of watercolours in Tiger but I’m really enjoying using them.

     From there, I started doodling with faces. I actually quite like drawing characters but I can’t draw bodies…and I’m not very good at side profiles…it does seem to limit what I do be simple busts.

     When painting the first map I decided I really liked the blue-grey colour. I wanted to use it some more and thought rocks would be good. In the past I had sketched a portal tomb so I decided to re-sketch it and paint it in. At this stage I was realising that I really liked watercolours and I think part of that is that they’re almost asking you not to colour in-between the lines. They really are.

     Anyway, after that I had some landscapes, with a lot more of that grey (turns out landscapes aren’t my strong point either)

     And finally, I made a whole continent. Actually, the base for this one was a map that I had drawn last year but I reworked it a bit and redrew it. I used colouring pencils for this one because I needed the finer control and you might be able to tell I’m not so good at that with the watercolours!

Photo - Fantasy World Sketch (11)

Photo - Fantasy World Sketch (12)     Like I said, I just really like drawing maps. In my head I have ideas about the people and cultures of these different places, even a few myths the inhabitants have, but getting those written is much harder than making the maps.

     Anyway, that’s what I’ve been putting into my sketchbook! I’m finding my return to drawing has been very relaxing…

     To be honest, the fun I’m having with crafting and drawing is also making me question why I decided not to go to art college and do an English degree instead but best not linger on that and question the last four years of my life too much.


7 thoughts on “Getting Back into Art

  1. These are great – love all the details in the last pictures. I find drawing very relaxing but like you I really struggle drawing people as they always end up looking out of proportion and pretty scary! I look forward to seeing more of your work 😃

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    1. Thanks! People are just so hard to draw, aren’t they. My proportions always go crazy when I try, even if I’m coping a pose from a photo to try get them right I still mange to mess them up 😀

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  2. These are all amazing!!! You should definitely keep going with your drawing and sketching. I understand your problem with drawing bodies, I can not figure out how to draw hands in a way that they look like hands (and don’t ask me to have a person smiling because teeth just do not work), so I tend to avoid anything person like.

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    1. Thanks! Ahh, ya, hands are just evil! Any time I draw a person I’ll spend ages trying to get the hands right. Whenever I think I have drawn them properly I look at the full drawing and realise that they’re in the right position and look good, only they’re way, way too small or too big! xD

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  3. Emma, this is amazing!! I LOVE poring over fantasy maps in books, and it looks like you are very skilled at world-building (as a writer, I only wish I could illustrate the worlds of my stories…)! The landscape sketches are so cool 🙂 I hope you continue “getting back into” this; you definitely should!

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    1. Thanks! I just love maps and whenever I read a fantasy novel with a map I love following along, knowing where everything is happening – it’s something I’ve loved since I first started reading the Redwall series by Brian Jacques back when I was 10 or so.
      I just wish now that I could actually write the stories to go with my own maps 😀

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