Aldi Stationery Haul (from February)

     I have a few craft hauls to post this month and this is the first of them. Now, bear with me. A few of you might be thinking ‘hey, hasn’t she been talking about saving money and wasn’t this meant to be an almost no spend month for her?’. Well, both of those things are true. I am trying to save money and I am trying to spend as little as I can this month. However, this haul and the next few are actually from February so that explains the shopping in a saving month (for now, let’s ignore the March haul that I just did and will be posting soon and just forget that February was also a ‘no spend’ month).

Photo - Aldi Stationary Haul - 26-02-16 (1)     These purchases were made about two weeks ago. I should really have posted this at the end of last month the stuff is from Aldi and they’re gone from the stores now but I just kept forgetting to write the post. Typical me! The stationery is really cute though. I bought three pieces and they were €5 each.

     First, there was this stationery set with lots of clips, a sharpener and a rubber. There’s not too much in it and it’s not really worth €5 but I just couldn’t help myself seeing as the paper clips are a nice rose gold colour and I felt I couldn’t just get two out of the three sets. Anyway, the box is nice and you know I love nice boxes for storage!

Photo - Aldi Stationary Haul - 26-02-16 (3)

Photo - Aldi Stationary Haul - 26-02-16 (2)     Next up is a set of four memo pads and I definitely think these were worth it. They’re adorable tied up with the pink bow – I’m reluctant to actually start using them because they look so good like that. Each pad has a different design along the top and I think the ‘happy thoughts’ one is my favourite. I might use the floral ‘notes’ one for actual notes but the others, I think I’m going to use them for my snail mail. I like thin paper for my letters because it means when I write long ones the envelopes aren’t ridiculously thick and the designs along the top of the paper are just enough to make it pretty but still leaving plenty of space to write.

     The final piece of Aldi stationery that I bought was a gift set with three notebooks and a pen. I really like the light grey stripes on it. The big notebook is great. Again, it has thin paper and it’s easy to cleanly tear out so I’m using it for snail mail. It’s just plain white paper so with this one I’m decorating it using stamps and stickers. The other two notebooks nice also, one is just another plain memo pad while the pink one is a lined notebook.

     You can put your own picture in the box so I just picked out one of the small travel journal cards I have which fit perfectly. I thought the orange wanderlust card would look nice with the grey and the two colours look good against the purple of my bedroom wall. At the moment, I’m using the box for storing the mail I haven’t yet responded too and the letters I’m half way through writing.

     So that’s that! Three nice pieces of stationery for €15. I almost missed out on these. I don’t normally keep check of Aldi’s specials but I just happened to be with a friend one day who needed to get some food for her lunch so we walked to the shop and I spotted these while we were browsing. A lucky find!

     Did anyone else have a chance to pick these stationery pieces up while they were on special?


6 thoughts on “Aldi Stationery Haul (from February)

  1. I meant to comment on this the first time I saw it, but must have gotten distracted. (: I do love the stuff ALDI had in. I was lucky that my carers were willing to go and bring back a bag full of goodies. I haven’t quite figured out how to store them properly yet, but it should keep me stocked on memo pads and whatnot for a good long while (because for all that I love stationery, I don’t really use a lot of paper anymore xD).

    How did you get the cling wrap off the photo frame box of pads, though? I ripped the bottom off one of mine by accident. So much for using it as a photo frame! Or maybe I’m just clumsy…

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