Planning Life #28 – A Temporary Planner

Photo - New (temporary) 2016 Paperchase Planner, a5 size (1)

     Hey guys! Remember how last week I was taking about falling out of love with my pocket planner? Well, we’re on a break now and I have a rebound planner. It’s just a temporary thing – I don’t plan on getting into a long term relationship with this planner – but that doesn’t mean I can’t go for some eye candy. Isn’t it pretty!

Photo - New (temporary) 2016 Paperchase Planner, a5 size (2)     I mentioned that I was thinking about going for an A5 size planner so I bought this one from the Paperchase website last week for only €6.50 (ordered it on Monday night and it arrived by Friday so that was great!). It’s a pretty basic 2016 planner with a week on two pages. It’s not the layout I’ll be going for if I decide to go for a Plum Paper Planner or get a Filofax, but it does help me get an idea for if I like the A5 size, which I do. It’s a size I quite like as that’s what all my notebooks are.

     I have plenty more room now to mess around with decorating. I can use my standard washi tapes which took up a lot of space in the pocket planner and I can also use stamps more to decorate the pages. I could use them before in the pocket planner but I just never seemed too. It was probably because I knew I’d have to write over the stamp due to the space issue and if I did that you wouldn’t be able to see the stamps. I mean, how could you write on top of these owls, they’re just too cute! Anyway, after adding the tape and stamps I threw a few stickers into the mix too to complete my decoration for the week.

Photo - New (temporary) 2016 Paperchase Planner, a5 size (3)

     It’s not exactly the prettiest or the most exciting of planner decorations. I did it pretty quickly and I’m just getting a feel for it for the space…which I still manage to fill with some lengthy to-do lists!

Photo - New (temporary) 2016 Paperchase Planner, a5 size (4)


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