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Snail Mail Organisation – June 2015 to February 2016

     I remember that sometime last year I showed you how I went about storing my snail mail. I had quite an elaborate system – I shoved my letters into a shoe box that I had covered with wrapping paper. Well, recently I went about upgrading that system. Now I have a bigger box!

Photo - 2015 and 2016 Snail Mail (1)

     This time, I went and bought a box in TK Maxx because they have a fantastic selection of pretty storage boxes. I spotted this large one with maps and the phrase ‘let’s find some beautiful place to explore’ which seemed fitting for my letters from around the world.

     It’s quite a big box so it’ll last me for a while. I have all my 2015 letters in it on the left (June to December because I only actually started snail mail half way through last year) and my letters from 2016 so far (January and February as of when this picture was taken) on the right. It’ll be a lovely sight when I have the entire box full of letters.

Photo - 2015 and 2016 Snail Mail (2)

     I mean, that’s pretty much how I store my letters – in a box. Well, I also group them by sender so all the letters from a pen pal that year are together. For my 2016 letters, I use pretty clips to separate the letters and when the year is over I tie them into a bundle with some nice ribbon (because why not!).

Photo - 2015 and 2016 Snail Mail (6)     As for storing my most recent incoming letters that I haven’t replied to yet, well, those sit in a little box on my desk along with my outgoing letters waiting to be mailed. The box is from a stationery gift set that I bought for €5 back in February from Aldi.

     And that is my mail system! But I do have some more pictures of my mail for you to look at simply because I had fun taking pictures. I’m quite proud of getting my Lonely Planet travel guide to The World along with the wanderlust journal card in the background of my letters from around the world. Seems fitting! I have pen pals from the UK, France, the Netherlands, Italy, New Zealand, Japan and the US.

     For the snail mail enthusiast out there, how do you go about storing your letters from pen pals?


19 thoughts on “Snail Mail Organisation – June 2015 to February 2016

    1. That’s understandable – sometimes the mail I get is so pretty I feel bad about putting it in a box!
      I’d love for that! And I’d love to try make a card pretty enough to be put up on your wall.


    2. You can find my address on my Feb.29 post or Jan. 31 post. Or email me and I will sent you one first, your choice.
      I will put your card on my wall, then I will have something to blog about 🙂
      I want to post something every day in thats a challenge!

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Found your address!
      I see you have a contact page on your blog so I’ll send you an email with my address 🙂
      And good luck with that challenge! I’ll look forward to plenty of good blog reading for April ^-^


  1. I still need to develop a good storing system, so far all of them are in an old shoe box (sound familiar??? ;)) that I covered in stamps from around the world. However since all my letters starting from 2013 are in there it’s already to small and I keep just trying to put more in them. But they are sorted by sender at least 😀

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    1. Sorted my sender is something at least – I had t reorganise my letters when I was putting them in the new box. Before that they were just all thrown into the shoe box and it was such a mess!
      So nothing wrong with shoe boxes, as long as you have some system going on in the box! Although maybe it might be time for you to invest in a second shoe box xD

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  2. This is such a pretty, organized setup! Actually, I saw that box here at T.*J*. Maxx, the parallel-universe American version of TK Maxx, and had such a hard time resisting the urge to buy it. I’m still dreaming of the day when I can store all of my letters in some weathered steampunk-ish old chest or trunk 😀

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    1. Even though I know that the store started out in America and that TJ Maxx is the original name, I’m still going to claim that they should just change all the stores to TK Maxx. It just sounds better, not that I’m 100% biased or anything XD
      A weathered steampunk trunk – now that would be nice! I would love one of those. What I really want someday is trunk like that to use as a coffee table (or as I prefer to call them, hot beverage tables – can’t be favouring one over the others! :D).


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