Cheap Craft Store Haul (from February) and Lidl Haul (from March)

     It’s time for another haul! Really, for an unemployed girl I do seem to spend an awful lot of time in craft stores spending money. I can’t help myself sometimes though and I justify these purchases by their prices – this haul is from one of those bargain type euro stores where you can get everything and it’s all pretty cheap. This one was called Mr. Price, I think. It’s always worth checking these kind of stores out because you never know what you might find and this one that I went to had a pretty good selection of arts and crafts material.

     I came away with some nice things, most notably more clear stamps to add to my collection! Alphabet stamps are always handy so a picked up these Icon Craft brand ones for about €3. They’re not the best quality stamps – I found when I opened the pack that the stamps are stuck together so I’m going to have to tear or cut them apart which is annoying but they’re still good to have. Then I spotted some animal stamps so I picked up the set of dog stamps. I’m not sure when I’ll actually use these but I didn’t have anything like them so I thought it couldn’t hurt to pick them up.

Photo - February Cheap Craft Haul 26-02-16 (2)

     I also spotted a set of nice sticky notes (which also has a mini pen) and an assortment of tags. The tags in particular I thought would be handy either for my card making or for my snail mail. Finally, I picked up a set of paper doilies. I’ve seen a few people use these in their crafts, involving them in ATCs and cards. I thought they could be useful although now that I have them I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do with them. I’m sure I’ll figure something out eventually! Anyone got any ideas?

Photo - February Cheap Craft Haul 26-02-16 (1)

     I did make one other purchase at Mr. Price that is worth showing. I got this lovely journal. It’s very pretty and it’s hopefully something you’ll be seeing more of here on my blog because I’m using it to journal my fantasy world ideas! (Remember those maps I made a while back?) I’m writing and doodling my way through it so I might have a blog post soon to show some of what I’ve been up to.

     That’s all for this haul post. It was small but I got a few nice things and it was a nice reminder that I should check out the euro stores when I can for some good deals.


     Actually, I lied. After writing this post and scheduling it, I then found that this week, Lidl have craft material on special so I am adding that to this haul post. I’m trying to be timely this time seeing as I only thought to mention the Aldi stationery a few weeks after it was in store! If you have a Lidl near you you should check it out, they might still have the craft material on special. I got this lot for less than €20.
Photo - Lidl Crafts Haul 15-03-16 (2)     There’s a pack of card and things for making some Easter crafts, a glue gun with some glitter glue sticks, a set of stamps and four sets of tape (so 12 tapes in total). It’s pretty good value stuff, especially the glue gun. The tapes aren’t washi tapes, but they’re not deco tapes either…they’re somewhere in the middle and are rather pretty. As for the stamps, they’re a useful mix. I absolutely love the owl with the letter – that one will definitely be joining my other owl stamps and featuring heavily in my snail mail!

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