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Planning Life #29 – Giveaway Winner

Photo - Planning Life 29

     This is Monday, meaning this is a planner post so there’s the obligatory photo of my planner with its black and gold/yellow colour scheme for the week.

     I could talk about the washi tapes and stickers I used but there’s more important things to discuss this week! As you may remember, I announced a giveaway a few weeks ago. I probably should have promoted it a bit more in the rest of my posts but I lost track of time and it seems the deadline for the giveaway has snuck up on me! But despite my forgetfulness there were, nevertheless, still a good number of entries and now I am here to announce the winner of my Spring Time Giveaway.

Photo - March 2016 Giveaway     Having assigned everyone a number and let the random number generator decide, the winner of my Spring Time Giveaway is…

Stephanie from Marine Girls Adventures!


     To everyone else – don’t worry if you didn’t win this time. I had a lot of fun rummaging through craft supplies and picking out bits and pieces to put together this prize so you can be sure that there’ll be more giveaways in  the future!


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