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My Not So Crafty Side

     I have many, many, many interests (it’s hard to fit them all into my life really) and I do get up to the odd thing not related to crafts, planners and snail mail. Hard to believe, I know, but I thought it might be fun if every now and again I wrote a post to talk about some of those not so crafty topics. As such, I welcome you to My Not So Crafty Side, a (potential) new blog series!

     On a side note, I’ve noticed that I start my sentences a lot with phrases like ‘as such’ and ‘although’, along with many other phrases you might find in a list of essay phrases. It makes it seems like I’m about to say something important. This is definitely a holdover from doing an English degree and also just like all those essays I wrote in college, it’s not something important you’re about to read but rather the inane writings of a girl who is hoping that if she continues to write words she’ll come to that all important conclusion that blows your mind! Inevitably, this doesn’t happen.

     But I digress. Where to start with what I’ve been up to…Reading – I do a lot of reading.

     Well, I do a lot of reading now that my wi-fi has decided that it will only work for very short periods of time sporadically. It has been very difficult to do any internet work these last two months. Staring at the screen for half an hour waiting for it to connect for 30 seconds so I can hit schedule on a blog post has not been fun and is not good for my health because it turns out not having internet makes me stressed and anxious. So, while I have let a lot of internet tasks fall to the wayside (sure, it’s only my plans for the future I’m trying to research), my kindle is now back in regular use.

     Although, reading was stressful at first too – my kindle didn’t have much on it so I had to get some books to read…which required the internet because it downloads the books from Amazon via wi-fi! It took a while and when the wi-fi did connect I had to pick a book to buy really quickly but eventually I had bought enough cheap books to entertain me.

Photo - January to March Reading List 2016
Books I’ve read so far this year.

     A lot of what I’m reading at the moment is travel literature. I started with By Any Means by Charley Boorman. Actually, that one was paperback. I bought it back when I was in London in case I wanted to read something at night while I was there but never got round to it, until now. Then I moved onto the e-books, deciding that what I needed was some more Boorman so I read Long Way Round because I love that TV series. I thought about following Long Way Round with Long Way Down but figured I should break things up with a different author. As I’d watched Levison Wood’s series Walking the Himalayas recently, I thought about reading the book but that was far too expensive. It’s more than £13 for the e-book. That’s way too much and Amazon just seem to have gotten confused with pricing – hardcover is £7, paperback is £10 and ebook format is £13…I think they got they’re pricing backwards.

     Anyway, instead of paying the same amount of money for the ebook as it would cost me to pop into O’Mahony’s and buy the paperback (that’s a lie actually, it’s €20 in there and I can’t afford that), I opted for his previous adventure, Walking the Nile, because it was only £2 I think. A much more sensible decision, if I do say so. At the moment, I’m now reading Ed Stafford’s Naked and Marooned – a man trying to survive for two months on a deserted island, sure why not! It’s alright. It get’s a bit repetitive. I much preferred Walking the Nile and By Any Means.

     I also read A Darker Shade of Magic and A Gathering of Magic this month. I don’t read YA Fantasy but I’d spotted them mentioned on someone’s blog (can’t remember whose now) and as it was really cheap I thought I’d give A Darker Shade of Magic a shot. To my pleasant surprise, it was actually rather good. Somewhat predictable but still an enjoyable light fantasy read so I bought the second in the series. I liked that one too though not as much as the first.

     And that’s my reading from the past two months! It’s pretty much all I’ve been up to since I apparently cease to function when I don’t have working wi-fi. Seriously, I rely on constant internet access a lot more than I thought I did.

Photo - March 2016 Netflix watch List     But it’s just the wi-fi that isn’t working, the internet itself seems fine because my xBox, which is connected with an ethernet cable is fine and I’m still able to watch Netflix on that. Not that Netflix is encouraging me to watch it because they don’t seem to want to put anything decent up.

     Netflix does seem to like bad Korean dramas at the moment though so I’ve started watching some of those. When I say bad, I really mean bad *points at A Man Called God*. Sometimes when the acting is really bad, I can focus on reading subtitles so I don’t focus on it too much. For some reason though, several of the k-dramas I’ve watched (at least in the fist episodes), insist on having dialogue in English and you cannot avoid honing in on how bad it is!

     Lucid Dream was actually alright though (maybe because it didn’t have English in it). On the bright side, season two of Daredevil is now up so I have that to watch once I finish re-watching season one.

     So, reading travel literature and watching bad Korean dramas sums up what my not so crafty side has consisted of for the past two months. Now you know what I get up to when I’m not out spending my money on crafting supplies – not a whole lot!


2 thoughts on “My Not So Crafty Side

    1. If I had to pick one…I’d say ‘Walking the Nile’ – definitely my favourite of the books I’ve read so far this year. There’s just so much that happens on his adventure. There’s actually a tv series documenting his journey as well which is really good but it there’s stories in the book that aren’t in the tv show and stuff in the show that aren’t in the book which is really nice. It means you can enjoy both mediums without feeling like you’re going through the exact same stuff.

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