Planning Life #30 – New Personal Filofax

     If have keen eyes that check the sidebar of my blog for my Instagram feed, or else you just  follow me on Instagram, you might have spotted a picture of a lovely new Filofax. The news – I went and bought myself a new Filofax and it’s ever so pretty! If I do say so myself…

Photo - Plann Life - New Personal Geometric Filofax (1)     So a few weeks ago I talked about how I was falling out of love with my pocket planner because it was too small. I mentioned that I was thinking of going to A5 size. In the end, I didn’t. I was having trouble finding an A5 size Filofax that I took an instant liking too and I discovered that A5 Filofaxes are often very, very expensive. While it would be nice not to have to worry about money, budget is a factor and so I scaled back down to a personal size planner. I found this lovely geometric design one on Amazon and I love how bright and colourful it is.

     The outside of the planner is white, blue, grey, yellow and pink while the inside sticks to the lovely light blue colour. It’s got several card size pockets in front and one big one, along with another big pocket in back and pen holder. All in all, very nice. There’s plenty of places to store some stickers and tape samples.

Photo - Plann Life - New Personal Geometric Filofax (4)     Of course, it also came with a few inserts – the standard, boring as hell ones that aren’t really my cup of tea – none of these will be staying in the planner.

     I want to try make this my permanent planner – no more buying new ones (because I sure as hell can’t afford it!) – so I’m really going to take my time filling it up with the right inserts. That means it could be a while before you get a nice tour of it all filled up! Until it’s fully set-up, I’ll be using my temporary A5 Paperchase Diary for my to-do lists.

     Actually, I mentioned that I was having trouble finding a planner I liked for a good price? When I was looking the week before last I didn’t see any on the Paperchase website that I liked but I was on the site late last week and they appear to have lots of new stock in of which some very pretty planners are part of – part of me is wishing I had waited another week for that map themed planner or the vintage floral one. So pretty!

     Oh well – I’ve committed to this planner and now it’s time to start filling it up! I feel I should name my planner to show I’m committing, like how you can’t stop feeding a stray cat once you’ve given it a name (or is that just me?). Anyway, I shall name it…Geo…short for Geometric. Did I mention I have a cat called Crazy Face? I never said I was good at naming.

Photo - Plann Life - New Personal Geometric Filofax (5)

   On a side note, there’s currently a sale on the site of some of the out of season stuff so I recommend heading over there, Paperchase products are just really cute. Also, the other day I was in the shops on I was looking at the A5 Filofaxes they had there – kinda happy I couldn’t afford one. They are very big and I think the personal size is just large enough to give me space but still be something I can easily pop into my bag so things worked out well in the end. Lastly…since I was buying things on Amazon I thought I’d pick up some Moleskine journals. I love these little things. I think I’m going to start journalling in them regularly.
Photo - Moleskin Journals


10 thoughts on “Planning Life #30 – New Personal Filofax

    1. Isn’t it just? Trying to find that one planner can be so frustrating! When I got my first one I thought ‘why do some bloggers have so many planners!’ Now I know why! xD


  1. Ahhh, every time I stop by here there is always something new I want to buy… that Filo-fax is beyond gorgeous!!!! How pretty is the design??? Literally cannot wait to see a post on how you fill it 😀 Lovely purchases and those little moleskin books are super handy! Happy journalling huni XXX

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    1. I’ve got four actually…or five…no, four…it’s hard to keep track of which stray cats are mine and which are just stray cats or other peoples cats xD
      And a few days in, so far me and Geo are getting on pretty well!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I love how colourful it is, yet you could still use it in a professional manner…not that I’m doing that, I’ve filled it with hot air balloon dividers. I’m still trying to get the set up right as this is my first week using it but already I’m really glad I moved from pocket size to personal. I can finally make proper sized lists!

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