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Tools of the Trade: Ribbon

     I was asked last week if I might write about ribbon and what I use it for so that’s what I’m doing today; I’m going to take a look back at some old crafts to see some of the ways I’ve used ribbon which might hopefully give you some ideas of what you can do with the stuff.


     Of course, the obvious thing to do with ribbon is to use it in wrapping and make bundles like I’ve done with my snail mail, and although my bows are far from neat, it does add a nice finishing touch to a present.

Card Making:

Photo - Wedding Card (1)     If you like making cards, ribbon is a very useful material. I use ribbon a lot in card making.

     It’s hard to see in this photo of a wedding card I made last year, but I added ribbon to the front and back so that when you close the card you can tie it closed with a bow. It wasn’t essential but I thought it was a cute little  addition.

     More recently I made some Easter cards that used ribbon. With these ones I added the ribbon on top of washi tape to create a layered effect. Thin ribbons are useful for this.

     I used this layering ribbon on tape technique in another card I made recently as well. This time it was a birthday card and I had a matching ribbon and tape (and paper) set so I was able to create a nice, subtle effect with it.

Photo - Green and Silver Stripe Unisex Birthday Card (1)


     If you’re personalising your notebooks, you can use ribbon to make bookmarks which are quite handy and it’s simple to do. When I was covering my notebooks in fabric I had some blue ribbon which was enough of a match. All I did was cut lengths to size and attach one end to the back inside cover.

Photo - Ribbon Paper Clip Bookmark     Another type of bookmark you can make is a ribbon and paper clip one. I made this one recently after seeing them in a lot of people’s planners. They’re really simple to make and all you need is a paper clip and about 4-5 inches of ribbon.


     Onto the last few ways I’ve found that I’ve used ribbon now, some simple decorations. Here, it’s just whatever you can think of.

     For example, I used it when decorating my advent calendar last year (seen here I used a thin piece of ribbon to make the number eight on one of the boxes) and more recently I used a small leftover piece of purple ribbon to quickly decorate a jar for some flowers (fake flowers but that’s a whole different topic!).

     Add some double-sided tape to one side of the ribbon and you can stick it onto anything easily and a strip of ribbon can be really useful for covering up messy edges, such as two sheets of paper meeting where the patterns don’t exactly line up.


     Hopefully by now you’ve seen that ribbon is a versatile crafting material. These are just the things I’ve used it for but there are plenty of cool ideas out there. If you’ve made any crafts that use ribbon in an interesting way, feel free to share it. I always love seeing what other people are making!

     I enjoyed writing this post. It gave me a reason to look back over what I’ve made over the last year and see what I used ribbon for. I think this might make an interesting regular feature – looking at a material and different ways of using it rather than looking at one specific craft. Let me know if you like the sound of that and I can try do some more ever now and again.


14 thoughts on “Tools of the Trade: Ribbon

    1. Don’t worry, I was the same at one point!
      I especially like the paperclip bookmarks because they’re so simple and you don’t need much ribbon so you can make them with the awkward small lengths of ribbon that get left over from wrapping but that you don’t throw away because they’re pretty…or maybe I just hoard scraps too much 😀


    1. I keep meaning to do some DIY tutorials but I always forget to take pictures of the different stages…usually because I have no clue what I’m doing most of the time and just hoping I have a usable end result xD But if there’s anything specific you’d like to see a tutorial for let me know and I’ll try remember to take pictures next time I’m making it 🙂

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