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Planning Life #31 – Free A5 Printable Insert

     It’s Monday so that means it’s time for a planner post! I’m still working on my Filofax though so I’ll hold off on giving you a tour of that (or maybe I just like keep you in suspense). Instead, I have a free printable to share with you!

Photo - A5 Planner Inserts (2)     Last month when I was leaning towards an A5 planner, I mocked up some inserts for it. I made up a layout based on what I thought would be the best for me and printed them to see how I might use the space. For me, lists are important so rather than put a week on two pages, I decided on a week on one page (for noting events and such) and used the second page for various lists (not day specific) and daily tracking (to save having write things in every day). I quite liked the general layout of a week page  and a tasks page but of course, I ended up getting a personal size Filofax so this insert isn’t much good to me now.

     I made it pretty quickly just to get an idea so it’s not perfect. In this draft version, I don’t think the margins line up entirely and the date box isn’t great, but it’s still a usable insert so if anyone wants to use it, maybe to get a feel for the A5 size and potential layouts, head over here to get the PDF of it. Use it as much as you want!

Dashed Grey Lines A4, A5 Inserts 3     If you want a more refined version, I have that too but it’ll cost you! Not much, but I eventually got round to reworking the layout and touching it up for my Etsy shop so if anyone wants a better looking version, it’s for sale there. The one in my Etsy shop also has a few more options – you can have a grid or blank notes sections, or else just have the week on a page section.

     A bit short but that’s all for this post. Don’t worry though, next week, you can finally get a look at my new planner, or at least my weekly spread! I’m not sure which I’ll look at next week but rest assured, it will be something to do with my personal planner 🙂


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