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March 2016 – Incoming Snail Mail

     Today, I’m going to take a look back at some of my incoming mail from last month, just a few choice bits! Actually, the first half of March was a bit of a slow snail mail period for me. I sent out a bunch of letters at the end  February so of course nothing really came through my letterbox during the first two weeks.

Photo - March 2016 - Incoming - Swap-bot PC swaps     Eventually though, some mail started to come through! I participated in two postcard swaps on Swap-bot, Enjoy the Little Things PC Swap and Hello Stranger PC Swap, so that’s where these two are from. The card on the right came from Malaysia and the Las Vegas card came from the USA.

     I love stamps with flowers on them so it was nice that both these postcards came with floral stamps!

     After those two cards arrived through my letter box, things started to pick up.

Photo - March 2016 - Incoming - Full Envelope Swap     I participated in a couple of Swap-bot swaps last month so I had those to look forward to. In the Full Envelope swap I received some nice things from England: a cool  puzzle postcard, some tea bags and a few sweets.

Photo - March 2016 - Incoming - Handmade Envelope Swap     From the Handmade Envelope swap, of course I got some envelopes. I’m pretty happy with the ones that I got. They look quite nice and aren’t like anything I’ve made for myself so it’ll be nice to mix up my usual floral envelopes with some of these.

      The handmade envelopes were extra nice to get as they arrived in a wonderful stamp covered envelope. Seriously, these are only some of the stamps that the thing was covered with! It was a nice touch from the sender so of course I gave her a heart along with my rating.Photo - March 2016 - Incoming - Canadian Stamps

   Seeing as the start of the month was slow, I decided to fill my snail mail need with Postcrossing. I haven’t sent many postcards out via Postcrossing lately because I’ve been using my stamps to keep up with pen pals but it seems whenever I have a few days lull in pen pal letters I send out postcards instead! I sent a few out at the start of the month so by the end of March I had two cards coming my way:

The cat one is pretty cute. I’m gonna try make a point of sending out at least one postcard a month via Postcrossing because I like the surprise of getting a card and not knowing where it’s from.

   But those are all swaps I’ve shown you so far. What about my pen pals?

Photo - March 2016 - Incoming - Cute Paper     Well, I got a letter from my pen pal in New Zealand and she sent me a few sheets of kawaii paper which are, of course, kawaii! I don’t know where she gets them but I love them because I can’t get them here…and I can pretend that I’m doing Japanese study by reading what’s on them! I also love the year of the monkey stamp she used as well.

     And yes, that is a Darth Vader stamp you see! My UK pen pal sends some of the best stamps!

Photo - March 2016 - Incoming - Interesting Stamps (1)

Photo - March 2016 - Incoming - Card from Myra     I got a lovely handmade card in a cute envelope in the mail from Myra ( I love the quote she stamped onto it: ‘it’s better to travel and get lost than never to travel at all’. She sent some tea as well which is always a good thing! I’m now on a quest to find more of that Lipton’s Peach Mango one, it was so nice.

     This lovely envelope arrived from a pen pal over in the states:Photo - March 2016 - Incoming - Cute Envelope

     It’s really cute, although I feel bad for the guy. I mean look, he got an airmail sticker stuck over his eye!

     Finally from my incoming March mail, I was delighted find to a letter from Keely ( waiting for me towards the end of the month. She just sends really pretty mail! I love everything she sent, from the map envelope and the butterfly and floral stamps to the absolutely adorable note card and paper. It’s just too cute!

Photo - March 2016 - Incoming - Adorable Letter from Keely

     So that was in my incoming mail from last month. I’m going to try make a regular feature of showing off bits and pieces from my mail because it’s nice to share pretty things! (And I know when I see other people’s mail art it encourages me to do more with mine). Next week I’m going to look at some of my outgoing mail from March. In the meantime, I best get back to some letter writing so I have things to show you next month!


12 thoughts on “March 2016 – Incoming Snail Mail

  1. I’m so glad you got my letter! 🙂 I had to mail it while I was traveling, and for whatever reason I’m always worried about using unfamiliar post boxes, which is super weird?? There’s no reason why they shouldn’t work, but it makes me nervous nonetheless! I’m loving the fact that I wasn’t the only person to send you some foxes this month too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I sometimes feel that way too! Guess it’s just the habits of snail mailers xD
      It was a happy coincidence, especially because I love foxes, they’re just so darn cute!
      A letter will hopefully be on it’s way to you soon…hopefully… I have the letter written but somewhere between putting the letter in an envelope and putting a stamp on the envelope I had a fit of the mads and started rearranging my desk so now my stamps are buried under a pile of…everything…so I have to clean my desk before I can mail the letter 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Hahaha, I know that feeling as well! I keep designating a certain drawer in my snail mail organizer as STAMPS ONLY but yet somehow they always end up at the bottom of various piles, lost seemingly forever…good luck with the epic journey of rediscovering yours!

      Liked by 1 person

    3. It might help if I stopped buying new planner and snail mail supplies but I don’t see that happening any time soon so I guess I just have to get used to regularly empting my drawers to rearrange and find things 😀


  2. That poor fox with the sticker on his face! I so hate when postal worker mess with my mail art with their hasty sticking! You’d think they could appreciate the work gone in and stick a little more carefully! 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know! I mean, it’s not that hard to just place the sticker somewhere else, like the other corner so it doesn’t cover the little guy’s face! I always try to have stamps and airmail stickers on hand so I can place them myself but sometimes I run out and just have to hope that the postal worker has the sense to not bang a sticker over the focus of my mail art!


    1. Of course it does, because it’s so pretty!
      Always useful to have postcards on hand – I’ve got a stack full just because they’re nice to send along with letters sometimes. I mostly have tourist postcards though, because my sister works in a tourist shop so I get them really cheap 😀 I must stock up on some nice non tourist ones 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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