Planning With Geo #1

     I’ve been using my new planner for two weeks now so I think it’s time to take a look at how I’m decorating and using it (I promise, you’ll get a tour of it next week…once I actually finish making a few things for it…).

Photo - Weekly Planner View

     So, above is my first week of using Geo (that’s what I named my planner, because it’s the Filofax Geometric). The insert comes from PlanInk on Etsy and I’m really liking it. The right hand page is ideal for all of the lists I like making. It’s quite similar to what I had mocked up in A5 size. When I got my personal planner the A5 wasn’t of much use to me though and as I didn’t want to design another one at the time, I shopped around Etsy instead. I was delighted then when I found this printable insert.

     With my other planners I tended to just use a lot washi tape to decorate the pages but this layout is ideal for decorating with stickers. Not having used stickers like these in my planner before and also not knowing what would work (because a lot of stickers are designed for planners like the ECLP), I opted for free printable stickers to experiment with. The downside to free printable stickers when you don’t have a fancy machine like a Silhouette is that it takes a lot of time to cut them all out and my cutting isn’t neat!

     Anyway, for this first week I used some of the pink and teal set and a few from the flamingo set designed by Everybody Wants to Plan.

     A few things I’ve learned so far from using stickers is that, obviously, I have to cut the full box stickers to fit my boxes. Conveniently though the half box stickers designed for the ECLP and Happy Planner fit the boxes in this insert and for the full box check lists, I can easily make them fit by cutting off two of the rows. The weekend stickers fit nicely so overall, I’m able to use a lot of the stickers from these kinds of sets in my planner.

Photo - Week;y Planner View 2

     This is a photo of last weeks spread, taken at the start of the week before I started ticking things off and adding more (I did add a few more checklists and banners to the notes section after taking this picture but nothing major). For this week I decided to with a green theme and I found a set of functional green themed sticker printables designed by Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes. I really like the sets that she makes because they’re functional and there’s a lot of checklists in them (have I mentioned how much I like making lists?) I also used a few check lists from the mint and pink set by Everybody Wants to Plan.

Photo - Weekly Planner View Close-up (1)     Overall, I’m very much enjoying using this layout in my planner. I especially like the tracker section which mean I can easily tick off the things I need to do every day leaving space for decorating on the other page. Having the notes section is useful for keeping track of my snail mail whose letters I still need to reply to. I’ll experiment with these printable stickers for a few more weeks and who knows, if all goes well I might delve into the Etsy sticker world!


3 thoughts on “Planning With Geo #1

  1. Your planner looks so fun! I wish my planner looked more like that. Instead I have a list of classes, meetings, and events that I have to attend along with a long TO-DO list of things I need to get done within the week

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    1. Thanks! I think I’ve stumbled on the answer to fun planners – just use lots of stickers, even when you don’t need them!
      And thankfully my unemployment gives me plenty of time time plan how few plans I have 😀

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