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March 2016 – Outgoing Snail Mail

     Last week I took a look at some of my incoming mail from March so this week it’s time for my outgoing!

     I didn’t have too much outgoing mail for March. As I mentioned in last weeks post, I sent out a lot of stuff at the end of February so I was waiting for a bit for some things to come in to reply too. Of course, then when things started coming in I ran out of stamps. Between some banking problems and the Easter weekend, it took longer to stock up then I would have liked and the result being not too much outgoing mail.

     But there’s still some to show you so don’t worry. I’ll start with Postcrossing:

Photo - March 2016 - Outgoing - Postcrossing Postcards

     As I had a slow mail period at the start of the month I decided to send out some postcards using Postcrossing. The cow postcard (labelled as ‘country filling station’) was sent off to Germany and the Burren wild flowers card arrived in Russia after 25 days of travelling. I made the bird postcard out of some scrapbook paper as I was sending it off to America to a woman who liked birds and handmade things so it seemed fitting.

     Next up are some swaps on Swap-bot that I got involved in last month.

Photo - March 2016 - Outgoing - Handmade Envelope Swap

     The above picture is what I send out for a handmade envelope swap. The requirements were to make four handmade envelopes so I decided to go for a mix of style and size. The wood envelope was made out of an 8×8 inch piece of light card and the brick envelope from an 8×8 piece of sturdier card. The space envelope? Well, that was made from a piece of poster that I had lying around. The floral black and white one, that’s a colouring book page. Colouring books are my latest favourite for making envelopes. It wasn’t necessary but I decided to provide some plain white address labels and sticker seals as well and popped these into another small envelope for storage (so really I sent out five handmade envelopes, six if you include the handmade envelope that I sent them all in!).

Photo - March 2016 - Outgoing - Envelope Full Swap

     The other swap I participated in last month as one that involved filling an envelope with three types of craft materials and so I made an envelope out of some paper from the Flow Book for Paper Lovers and filled it with a selection of postcards, stickers and tags (many of which also came from the Flow Book for Paper Lovers 0 I love paper and I really love that book!).

Photo - March 2016 - Outgoing - Paper Owl Decorating     Those are the swaps I did, but what about my pen pals?

     Quite a few pen pals last month got letters written on paper decorating in owls (in green or course, because it was around Paddy’s Day).

     Some more outgoing mail from last month:

Photo - March 2016 - Outgoing - Card To Myra     My favourite piece of outgoing mail from last month was this card that I made and sent out to Myra from those secrets we keep. For this, I cut out the bird and the leaf from the cover of a colouring book and stuck them on the green and white floral card piece. I used my lady bug stamp on the card but because it was somewhat glossy card it took a lot of time to dry. When it eventually did I stuck some flower stickers of it and added a tag on top.

     I also decorated the envelope to match the card. I got the green effect by gently pressing a green ink pad on it.

Photo - March 2016 - Outgoing - Card to Myra Envelope

     And those my outgoing pieces from last month! Hopefully April’s outgoing will be a bit more full!


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