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A Tour of My Stamp Folder

Photo - My Clear Stamp Collection (18)     I mentioned in my haul post last week that I was buying pockets for my stamp collection and that I’d show you my stamp collection so here it is! At least, this is my clear stamp collection that lives in this folder. You’ll have seen some of the stamps before, either when I’ve used them in crafts or when I initially bought them and showed them in my hauls, but here’s a chance to see them in one place.

Photo - Small Cork Art Supplies Online Shop 02-03-16 (1)     I guess I should start with the folder itself. It’s the docraft Creativity Essentials Stamp Storage Folder – basically a big ring binder with a zip. Mine isn’t the greatest, the zip is dodgy and gets stuck a lot so I don’t usually zip it up but at least it looks pretty. Although mine doesn’t look anywhere near as neat as the picture on the packaging. For one, the A6 pockets don’t overlap each other in the product photo as they do in mine but sure, that’s not too bothersome so I can deal with it!

Photo - My Clear Stamp Collection (1)

     But onto the stamps now! I’ll start with some Christmas ones. The two big ones (which aren’t clear stamps, they’re cling stamps – rubber stamps with sticky backs): think they’re Papermania Urban Stamps – my favourite type of stamps to use. They’re great for stamping and then colouring in. The rest are all ones I picked up in bargain boxes in the months after Christmas. I really like the Letters to Santa set (on the right) which should be fun to use next Christmas.

     Next up, some more Papermania Urban Stamps. These are all from the one set which I believe was a Christmas set, but they’re not too Christmas-y, these stamps, so you can use them any time of year really, especially the cute button stamps. They’re just a handy set of stamps to have. I haven’t used them too much but they’ll be getting plenty of use next Christmas.

    These next two sets of clear stamps aren’t ones I’ve used much, in fact I’ve never used the father’s day themed ones but I’m sure they will start getting used soon when I try to make some birthday cards and father’s day cards. I’ve used the cute cat set a few times to decorate some letters. I got both these sets pretty cheap and the few that I’ve used aren’t the greatest quality but the cuteness more than makes up for that.

    Some more cheap stamps that I’ve picked up during my travels – a set of some cute autumn themed stamps and a selection of birthday themed stamps (because birthday themed stuff is always useful to have on hand).

    And of course, there is also my set of dog stamps that I got for €3. I still haven’t used these ones. Still need to figure out what to make with them but something will come to me eventually!

Photo - My Clear Stamp Collection (7)

     These next few are some of my most used stamps. On the left – the ‘with love’ and ‘made with love’ came together in a set that cost around €1.50. The other three are a set though I can’t remember which one now, possibly the Papermania Folk Floral set. You can’t see it very well in the photo but the top stamp says ‘everything is better with love and laughter’ and it’s one of my favourites. I tend to pair it with the floral border line stamp and use them to decorate my letter paper.

     In the right hand photo, I have a few cheap clear stamps and another set of Papermania Urban Stamps. The flowers are just so pretty and I love using the round ‘handmade with love’ stamp on the back of all the cards I make – it adds a nice touch.

    And of course, I have some more Urban Stamps – you probably recognise the lady bug one as one of the more recent additions to my collection. The others are a set that my parents got me for Christmas. They’re nice to use. I have a set of die-cutting shapes to go with them but alas, I don’t have a die-cutting machine yet – it’s on my wishlist though! Once I get a die-cutting machine I imagine these stamps will get a lot more use as I’ll be able to easily make die-cuts with them.

     Alphabet stamps are a really useful set to have in a stamp collection because you can spell whatever you want with them. I have a few sets, a plain looking set and a quirky set (which is obviously my preference!).

     This set of stationery themed stamps is the most recent addition to my stamp collection and only cost me €6. They’re really nice stamps and I love how there are so many of them in the set. If you follow me on instagram you might have seen me use some of them in my art journal.

Photo - Clear Stamps Stationery Set

     And that’s my clear and cling stamp collection…for now! I’m trying to be good but you know it’s hard to stop yourself when you see stamps for €1 or €2, even when they’re stamps you’re sure you’ll never use. These aren’t even all my stamps – like I said, these are just the clear and cling ones, I’ve still got boxes of rubber stamps to show you but those ones will have to wait for another day!

     But I’m curious, to fellow crafters out there, how do you store your stamps?


21 thoughts on “A Tour of My Stamp Folder

  1. You’ve got a lot of clear stamps, and I love how you organized them! Do you have any planner clear stamps too? I’d love to see them if you have any! I’m planning on buying a couple of my first clear stamps – any advice? 🙂

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    1. And yet I still never seem to have the right stamp for the card I want to make! xD I don’t have any specific planner clear stamps (yet, I’m always on the lookout though!). I don’t use stamps in my planner too much but when I do I use a set of mini woodblock stamps that I found for really cheap on ebay (you can see them in this post here:
      Hmm, advice for clear stamps – well obviously for clear stamps you’ll want to get an acrylic block to mount them on – get a few sizes to fit the size stamps you’re getting. You might be tempted to just get one bigger size to fit the bigger stamps on and use the smaller stamps on it to, but it’s harder to get a clear image using a small stamp on a large acrylic block. Hope that made sense!

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    1. That would explain it! If I’m feeling a bit lazy I just keep stamping on a scrap piece of paper until there’s enough excess ink gone. I’m trying to be good though and clean them properly! I’m sure there’s better ways out there but I just use wet wipes to wipe them clean and leave them to air dry.


    1. Still desperately looking for the perfect opportunity to use those one! xD
      Don’t worry, I didn’t either until I happened to stumble across it online 😀 I imagine any standard ring binder would do but I like how this one as a pocket and zip 🙂

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  2. All my stamps from Stampin’ Up come in a clear DVD type box so they are very easy to store and organize! Love the binder idea though! I use a binder and clear sleeves to display my completed cards right now.

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    1. Sounds like a handy system for stamps! And I like the idea of using a binder and pockets for cards, I’ve been wondering how to store the cards I’m making – think I might be investing in some more binders soon!

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  3. I don’t have a stamp storage system yet. Right now, I still have a lot of wood stamps in a set of drawers and I’ve tossed my few clear stamps (in their packaging) into one of the drawers. But I do love this system you have! My stamp collection is slowly growing and I can definitely see myself using a similar system. Or even using this for my stickers!

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    1. I have a couple wooden stamps too that I just toss in a drawer, still haven’t figured out where best to put them. I’m quite happy with the folder for my clear stamps though, it’s handy being able to flick through it quickly when I don’t know what to use. A folder would be really useful for stickers too! I actually have another standard A4 folder and clear pockets for storing my sheets of die-cuts and tags that I haven’t popped out yet. Sometimes you just can’t beat the humble binder!


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