Planning with Geo #2 – A Tour of my Planner

Photo - Geo, Geometric Personal Filofox Planner Setup (1)

Photo - Geo, Geometric Personal Filofox Planner Setup (21)     I’ve been teasing about it for a while now but today, I’m finally getting round to my planner tour. Although I must admit that there’s still a few sections missing because I had a very unproductive week last week and couldn’t motive myself to finish anything.

     To start with, let’s all just admire how pretty Geo is. The outside colours and especially the inside blue have definitely helped set the colour scheme for my planner.

Photo - Geo, Geometric Personal Filofox Planner Setup (2) - Inside Cover

     So, above is how the inside front cover of my planner looks. The credit card slots laid out how they are in this planner isn’t my favourite but I’ve done my best to make them work for me. As you can see, I have a journal card held in place with a magnetic bookmark and actually, on the other side of the journal card I have sticky notes stuck so that they’re hidden away. Below this I have some panda sticky notes held in place my a paper clip bookmark that is also helping that ‘today’ card with the drawing of a woman stay in place (the card came from the Flow Book for Paper Loves and I just thought it was pretty so stuck it in). Behind these are a small picture of a cupcake which just matched the colour scheme and in the big pocket behind, I have some spare dashboards.

     As for the dashboards/dividers, I bought these from a seller on Etsy named StrawberryScraps. I stumbled on these hot air balloon dividers on fell in love with them because of how cute they how and how well the colours go with my planner (even better that they only cost €2.71). They’re a digital download so I printed the dividers onto cardstock and then laminated them for extra durability. I especially like this set of dividers because they’re designed with multiple tap options – you can have top or side as well as choose the order you want them to be in.

     Onto the sections of my planner now and first up is my monthly view section – although my monthly view starts with a year overview. The year view is a free printable I found here (there’s also monthly and weekly printable to go with it but I opted to find some different ones). As for my monthly view, that’s also a free printable. You can find that here. It’s quite pretty so even undecorated it’s nice to look at (handy for if I have a lazy month I guess!). As you can see, I also have another paper clip ribbon bookmark so that I can easily find the month I’m on and flick to it.

Photo - Geo, Geometric Personal Filofox Planner Setup (5) - Weekly     Next up is the weekly view section which I don’t need to go into too much detail on (for that and how I decorate it you can see last week’s post). The insert is a printable bought from PlanInk on Etsy and basically the point of this section is to house my many, many to-do lists! I had another paperclip bookmark for this section but it seems to have gotten lost and I’ve gone back to using the Filofax bookmark that came with the planner which  is really, really useful. This bookmark is probably my favourite planner accessory from Filofax because it’s nice and sturdy and easy to take out and pop back into the planner without opening the rings. I like how it sticks out top and bottom because I tend to actually flip my planner open to the week via the bottom.

Photo - Geo, Geometric Personal Filofox Planner Setup (6) - Weekly View

Photo - Geo, Geometric Personal Filofox Planner Setup (7) - Blog     I have a second section of weeks in my planner and these are specifically for planning blog posts. This set of week on a page inserts are the set that originally came with the planner. This section is less pretty than my to-do lists but it’s a practical space for noting when to post certain things and any ideas relating to the topic so when I sit down on a Sunday evening to write I don’t have to start from scratch! It is a bit of a mess but hey, that’s how my brain works!

Photo - Geo, Geometric Personal Filofox Planner Setup (8) - Blog View

     My blog section also has another area in it divided from the weekly section by a dashboard (one of the dividers with the tabs cut off). This is for blog ideas that aren’t schedules. As I laminated the dashboards and dividers, they’re a useful place for putting sticky notes. I used a few of the note pages that came with the planner, divided them up into general topics and when I have a blog idea, I can stick a sticky note on the corresponding page. That way, when I’m looking for ideas I can reference these and when I use something I can just take the sticky note off.

Photo - Geo, Geometric Personal Filofox Planner Setup (9) - Blog Ideas

     The next section is my tracking section and it is somewhat sparse…but I will be using it for tracking my weight, my progress with Dutch and anything else like that that needs tracking (these are the sections I never got round to last week).

     In this tracking section, I also have a subsection for my shopping lists, wishlists and eventually (once I make one) my craft list of things I haven’t made yet. As you can see, for my shopping list I just used the to-do lists that came with the planner – I’ve done fairly well trying to use the stuff that came with the planner.

Photo - Geo, Geometric Personal Filofox Planner Setup (12) - Shopping List

     Section five of my planner is a notes section which is completely empty at the moment as I keep forget to actually put some note pages into it. Here’s a picture of the section anyway and instead you can enjoy the pretty dividers.

Photo - Geo, Geometric Personal Filofox Planner Setup (14) - Notes and Extras

     The last section of my planner is the ‘Extras’ sections. This is the section for all those extra little bits and pieces. I decided I wanted to be able to keep cards from people in my planner for reference so I bought the Filofax business card insert for this. It fits six in total (three in front, three on the other side) but you know full well I’ll fill it up with more. The second pocket I have is just a large one that came with the planner and it’s useful for storing bigger things like.

     The most creative section of my planner is the back fold out pocket I made for it using some large card stock. It’s not exactly neat but it definitely does the job!

Photo - Geo, Geometric Personal Filofox Planner Setup (19) - Fold Out Folder

     It folds out to reveal a pocket for storing little sticker sheets and two pockets filled with planner stickers. To make sure the planner stickers didn’t just fall out all over the place, I used my last two magnetic bookmarks. They work great for things like this. I definitely need to find some more of them because they are very useful to have! Anyway, the pocket also unfolds a second time to reveal a pocket just big enough to fit a journal card. It all pops back in then as thanks to those little slits that you see in the last photo you don’t have to open and close the rings. The card stock I used wasn’t the greatest (but it was the largest sheet I had and that’s what I needed) so I don’t know how long those slits will last before taking too much damage from being opened and closed, but it’s doing okay so far and it’s not too hard to make a new one. I don’t open this section much anyway which probably helps, I more so just store things in it for emergency use in case I’m not at my desk with all my other supplies. I might do a tutorial sometime on how to make a pocket like this…if anyone would be interesting in learning how, let me know.

Photo - Geo, Geometric Personal Filofox Planner Setup (20) - Memo Pad

     And this is the back inside cover of my planner. On the left is my back dashboard to tidy things up and on the right is a pocket with another spare dashboard and some to-do list pages (received in a letter from the lovely There’s also my ‘someday’ list pad, or some of it as the whole pad would be too thick for my planner so I just took half the pages. I spend a good while looking for a list pad that would fit my planner. I ended up having to buy a set of three because I thought the middle size would fit and thankfully it did!

     And that brings this somewhat long and picture filled post to an end! I hope you enjoyed the tour of my planner. Let me know what you think of it and feel free to share your own planner set-up, I love seeing what others are doing (share the ideas!).

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    1. Hmm, adding washi tape, that could work. Thanks for the idea! I’ll get round to making some more of these for a tutorial, get the dimensions for different size planners and maybe come up with a few variations 🙂

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