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Colouring Books and Envelopes, Part 1

Photo - Making Envelopes from Adult Colouring Book Pages

     Colouring books are one of my new favourite things – but not for relaxing and de-stressing, it’s that they make lovely envelopes! You’ve probably seen some of the colouring page envelopes that I’ve made in my snail mail posts. Colouring book pages are great for brightening up your mail. I love looking at all the pretty designs in them and because there’s so many great books out there that you can get for really cheap, it’s pretty cost-effective. All the envelopes in this post came from a colouring book that only cost me €1.50.

     The colouring book can have dual purpose. You can colour in all the pages yourself if that’s what you find relaxing. You’ll have done something you enjoy and at the end you can make a very personalised envelope for your pen pal.

Photo - Making Envelopes from Adult Colouring Book Pages (1)

     If you don’t want to colour them in (or maybe you want to leave it for your pen pal to colour in themselves), you can do just that too and they’ll still look great. This is what I did when I was making an envelope for a swap-bot swap I participated in.

Photo - March 2016 - Outgoing - Handmade Envelope Swap     I think my favourite way for colouring the pages for envelopes is with watercolours (see the top envelope in the first image). The thing I love about water colours is that you can be pretty messy with them and they still look good. Bigger images like the floral one I used lend themselves nicely to watercolours, although with the paints you have to be a bit careful and remember not to use too much water as the paper can’t handle it.

      Well, this is a bit of a short post but that’s it for part one on envelopes and colouring books. I have some more envelopes and envelope art made from colouring books that I can show you but I’ll leave that to another time! For now, I hope I’ve given you some ideas of how you can use colouring book pages in your snail mail.


7 thoughts on “Colouring Books and Envelopes, Part 1

    1. They make for lovely mail and it’s a very cheap way of having personalised mail as well (because now colouring books come in all price ranges, I’ve never spent more than €5 on one, and the €5 was on a pretty big one which I still have loads of pages and things to cut out from!)

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