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Planning with Geo #3 – Weekly Spread

     It’s Monday so that means it’s time for another planner post. Having given you a tour of my planner last week, this week it’s back to the weekly view.

     Here’s last weeks view before I started writing most of my lists in:

Photo - Planning with Geo (2)

     Very pretty, in my opinion. And with everything written in?

Photo - Planning with Geo (3)

Photo - Planning with Geo (8)     Not so pretty…especially because I can’t help but notice how little I did and how many things I transferred over to this week and next week. Look at all those arrows! Last week just wasn’t a good one for me. I fell into a slump, got a little depressed and simply had a hard time motivating myself to get things done. I’ve even behind on my snail mail as a result – I have a small stack of letters waiting for me and I feel a bit bad that I’m taking so long to get round to them! A planner can be great for making lists to remind you to do things but when you then don’t do those things and they start to build up, it can get to be a bit demotivating. Here’s hoping that this week goes a little better!

     And because I had my planner tour last week, I have a second spread to show you to catch up on.

Photo - Planning with Geo (1)

Photo - Planning with Geo (4)     I do really like the pastel colours in my planner. They make it look pretty but they don’t overpower it so everything is still easy to see. My black pen stands out easily so I can see at a glance what I’ve done by looking for my nice chunky ticks.

     I can’t remember the exact sets each sticker came from for these two weeks because I was just using random ones from my stockpile. They’re all free printables though found either on or

     Oh, I did finally get around to making a front dashboard for my planner!

Photo - Planning with Geo (7)

     I know it doesn’t really fit the colour scheme but I still like it. I made it using the fronts of two small notecards that I bought from the Paperchase webstore when they were on sale. I cut them and pieced them together to fit the personal size page then lined the letters and edges of the different pieces before laminating.


6 thoughts on “Planning with Geo #3 – Weekly Spread

    1. The stickers are designed for Happy Planners and ECLP so I had to cut a few of the full box ones to fit my planner. Luckily the functional stickers and check boxes still fit perfectly for my inserts. I’m sure you can still make use of the stickers 🙂


    1. Normal, personal size filofax! They printables are great.
      Considering pretty much all stickers seem to be designed for the happy planner and ECLP, I thought I wouldn’t be able to use most of them but the only ones I have to adjust to fit my planner and inserts are the full size box ones and that’s just a matter of cutting a bit off top because thankfully the width is the same as my boxes. Nice to know that just because I have a filofax, doesn’t mean I can’t partake in the world of planner stickers!


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