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Making Stickers using Scraps

     Wanting to use up some pretty scrap pieces of paper and inspired by a video I saw on JumpyJess‘ Youtube, today’s post is about making your own stickers. All you need is some sticker paper, some glue, a scissors and scrap paper – the heart punch is optional!

Photo - Making Stickers from Leftovers (2)

     If you’re like me, you’ll hold onto random pieces of paper for ages that you don’t know what to do with but that are too pretty to just throw away. I had a bunch of scrap pieces left over from when I went and cut out all the envelopes from the Flow Book for Paper Lovers. I wanted to use them for something but I wasn’t sure what for. That’s when  I saw Jumpy Jess’ video about making stickers and so I dig out a few sheets of sticker paper I had lying around. – On a side note, I’ve found that sicker paper is a really useful thing to have around. I’m using a lot more of it now too that I’m making use of all the lovely free sticker printables out there for planners. You should definitely invest in some if you don’t have any already. You never know when it might come in handy.
Photo - Making Stickers from Leftovers (1)

     Aren’t those flowers really pretty? I couldn’t just throw them away!

Photo - Making Stickers from Leftovers (4)     Making your own stickers is very simple. Having cut out the pictures from the paper that I wanted, I simply glued them onto the sticker paper, then cut them out from there. It can be a bit annoying having to cut something twice but this way you can make any pictures you want into stickers that you can store away for a rainy day and use however you want (I ended up using these flowers to decorate some letter paper).

     I had a few pieces of pattered paper that I wanted to use up and so I brought my heart shaped punch out for these. The easiest way to make these heart shaped stickers is to stick the patterned paper you want to use onto the sticker paper with glue (make sure you glue it all over and not just the edges). When you’ve done that, cut the patterned paper piece out so you can get at it with your punch and just punch away. You can get a few stickers out of even tiny scraps of paper this way.

Photo - Making Stickers from Leftovers (3)     Washi tape is another thing you can use to make stickers. I got two really nice tapes recently and I wanted to be able to share them with my pen pals. Normally I’d just wrap some tape around a tag to make a sample but the cute tape with the bear is really wide so it’s a bit tricky to take of without it ripping. I figured the best way of sharing the tape would be to turn it into a sticker.

Photo - April 2016 - Outgoing - Clock and Teddy Stickers

         So that’s what I’ve been doing with my scraps. How do you deal with scraps, do you hoard them in the hopes of finding a use for them or just throw them away? Do you make your own stickers? I hope this post has shown you how useful sticker paper can be and given you some ideas of what you can do with your scraps!


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