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Monthly Catch Up – April 2016

     Another month is almost over and I still can’t believe how fast the year is going! It really doesn’t feel that long since the start of April but the date is telling me it’s time for another monthly catch up.

     April brought some good news for me: I have functioning wi-fi again! It’s still not the fastest but so far I’m just happy that it doesn’t disconnect every two minutes like it was doing before…if it would even connect in the first place. Having wi-fi has helped my anxiety a bit as well. Does anyone else get anxious when they don’t have internet? Anytime the internet stops working, it really reminds me how much of my life requires a connection!

    But onto the posts now. With the help of my trusty blog planner to remind me, let’s see what I wrote about…
Photo - Blog Planning (2)

     Well, free things are always nice so I started my month with a free printable A5 planner insert in my Planning Life #31 post. That week also saw Wednesdays turn into my snail mail day and I started with my March Incoming Mail. Friday is a craft related (and a bit of everything…) day so I finally got round to showing off a few bits and pieces I bought back in my March Cardz’n’Scrapz Haul.

Photo - My Clear Stamp Collection (18)     Week two of the month had an exciting planner post because I got to show you my new planner inserts and the stickers I’m using to decorate them – this also saw the start of a new planner series, Planning with Geo, for planner posts specifically relating to Geo, my Filofax. My snail mail post that week was of my March Outgoing Mail and following on from the previous week where I had hinted at it, I gave you a tour of my clear and cling stamp collection and storage.

Photo - Blog Planning (1)

     After a few weeks of putting it off, on the 18th of the month I finally got around to giving you a tour of my planner! (At some point I want to make a video tour of my planner but I’m still figuring out how I might go about that). Then, on the Wednesday, I wrote about colouring book pages and how useful they are for making envelopes. I finished that week off with a craft as I showed you the birthday card I had made for my friend.

Photo - Making Stickers from Leftovers (4)     And now we’re on to this week. My planner post was taking a look at my weekly pages for the past two weeks and my snail mail post was about making stickers...not necessarily related to snail mail but making stickers is good for sharing with pen pals and decorating envelopes!

     And that brings April to an end as far as my blog posting is concerned. I’ll be back on Monday to welcoming May in with another planner post…and maybe a giveaway? You’ll just have to wait and see! Until then, hope you all have a great weekend!

     By the way, how do you like seeing how the sausage is made (my blog planner pages)? It’s a messy cry from my colourful weekly to-do lists but I can’t make everything look nice!


7 thoughts on “Monthly Catch Up – April 2016

    1. Yup, there you are! Haha, you’re on my current snail mail list too for this week – I am so behind on my snail mail! But I have an idea for a card I want to make so hopefully I’ll find the time over the weekend so I can send it out next week!


    1. I see some people with their planners set up perfectly and full of stickers and it’s like, do they really use those for planning? Seems some people get planners just so that they can buy planner stickers. I try to make my planner as pretty as I can but I do that working around my to-do lists because really, if I can’t fit my to-do lists in my planner, what’s the point of having it!
      And go on, you know the Filofax is the way to go! I’m just gonna keep tempting you with my planner posts:D


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