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April 2016 – Incoming Snail Mail

     It’s the start of the month and it’s a Wednesday so time to look at some of my incoming mail from April!

     For mail, April was a lot nicer than March purely because my incoming mail was more spread out. I love getting loads of letters at once but that usually means that I’ve just gone a week or two without getting any nice mail so if I’m going to pick…I’d rather have a letter here and a letter there.

     But enough talking, time for some nice pictures! I’ll start with a letter that I got from my New Zealand pen pal:

Photo - April 2016 - Incoming - Stamps from New Zealand

     To start with, I love all the scenic view stamps she used on the envelope itself, they make me wish even more that I could visit New Zealand! But as if that wasn’t enough stamps, she sent me loads more inside! There’s so many really pretty stamps there, I’m going to have a field day incorporating these into art – in fact, I’ve already used some in my art journal.

Photo - April 2016 - Incoming - Goodies from Germany (1)     Moving from New Zealand and onto Germany…a connection that will make sense if you scroll down…Have I mentioned before that I love stamps with flowers on them because they’re pretty and colourful? The lovely Stephanie from Marine Girls Adventures sent me a thank you note and used some very lovely stamps indeed to send it. I say thank you note…she also sent along a few goodies…and by a few I mean:

Photo - April 2016 - Incoming - Goodies from Germany (2)

     Just a few pieces! I’m not going to lie, I may have squealed a tiny bit at this:

Photo - April 2016 - Incoming - Goodies from Germany (3)

     Sexy dwarves. I just can’t help myself sometimes. I would love to keep staring at the dwarf but a I do have a lot more mail to show off so try to avert your gaze and look instead at…these amazing stamps:

Photo - April 2016 - Incoming - Swap-bot - Swap (1)

Photo - April 2016 - Incoming - Swap-bot - Swap (2)     This is from one of the swaps I took part in on Swap-bot. It came from Scotland and the sender, reading on my profile that I’m a Tolkien fan, chose very appropriate stamps indeed! I absolutely love, love, love them! The swap was to fill an envelope with flat paper and embellishments up to 50g and she sent me a lovely selection of things (again, she paid a lot of attention to my profile as I mentioned my favourite colours are grey and purple).

     I’ll move away from Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit related things now and instead take a look at this cute card instead:

     This card (with an adorable little picture on the envelope too!) came from Myra from Those Secrets We Keep. I absolutely love the style of the card and also that it’s a birthday card. My birthday is in October but that’s just so far away! It was nice to break up the long wait with this!

    I’m moving a bit closer to home with this happy mail package which travelled the long…possibly 90 minute …journey to get to me! I did a stationery and craft swap with  Jayne from which was a lot of fun. She sent me a massive amount of things! And it was the first time I’ve sent and received something in Ireland which was exciting – no seriously, it was a nice change to see some of the Irish national stamps on my incoming mail.

Photo - April 2016 - Incoming - Craft and Stationery Swap with Jayne

     I had a few postcards registered at the end of last month on Postcrossing so I was expecting to get some this month and I did…a lot more than I sent out though! I sent out three last month and I got six this month. My stats are a bit weird now: I’ve sent 26, received 31 and only have 1 travelling. I’m not sure what will happen with my next batch of postcards to be sent. Will I still get a postcard in the mail or will I only get some when my sent number is matching my received? I guess I’ll find out!

     This list of mail is getting a bit long (and it’s not even all the mail I got this month…did I mention it was a good month for mail?) so I should probably start finishing it up! Before I do that though, I’ll just highlight this unexpected thank you note from Jumpy Jess that I got (I sent her some goodies a while back which you can see in this video that she made)

Photo - April 2016 - Incoming - Sarr Trek     And lastly, I’ll just highlight this lovely envelope that I got a lovely letter in from the lovely Keely from (is that too many uses of the world lovely?). It’s very green, which I like a lot of course and hopefully the arrival of this envelope will encourage the green around me to speed it up a little!

     That’s all for my incoming April mail then. I hope showing some of the mail I’ve gotten has encouraged you to get out there and send some letters! If it has, do let me know!

     And if you want the chance of something nice appearing through your letter box, don’t forget to check out my mini giveaway!


9 thoughts on “April 2016 – Incoming Snail Mail

  1. Gosh I can’t even remember the last time I’ve sent something snail mail. I do love stamps though. I have a big envelope full of them somewhere in the house. I ran across them once since we moved 4 years ago so I know they’re here somewhere.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love all the stamps you received, NZ is probably my favourite country when it comes to stamps (and everything else), the variety is huge and they always have great topics for the stamps. I’ve had that happen on postcrossing before and i’m pretty sure that I had to send a few more until it evened out before receiving another postcard. And I got your thank you letter to my letter just before I left for Iceland (had my flight not gotten cancelled I would have missed it, so I guess that was a good thing after all) 🙂 Now the question, I kind of feel like sending you another thank you letter but before it turns into a vicious cycle of never ending thank you notes, I thought we might as well become penpals if you’re still looking for penpals 🙂


    1. Gotta love the NZ stamps. NZ and UK stamps – best ones there are! Makes me wish Ireland had a better stamp collection!
      Good to know about postcrossing. I guess I’ll send a few more extra out this month so I might get at least one back by the end of the month.
      Glad it got to you. Something good to come from a delayed flight then! There could be worse vicious cycles but yes, let’s try not let that happen 😀 So yes! I’m happy to become pen pals! Can never have too many xD


    1. I’m not sure what others do with stamps but I have a notebook where I stick interesting stamps I get into – either I’ll eventually figure out something amazing to do with them or else I’ll fill the notebook and have a lovely piece of art to remind me of the places I’ve gotten letters from 🙂 With all these stamps my pen pal gave me…I think I’m going to use them to decorate a notebook for journalling.


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