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Planning with Geo #5 – Weekly View

Photo - Planning with Geo (5)

     Hey guys, it’s Monday so it’s planner post day!

     I showed you my monthly view last week so this week I have two weekly views for you. First up is the last week of April. I really liked the green layout I did a few weeks back so I wanted to try using a single kit for a week rather that taking bits and pieces from all over the place. I have actually just bought some planner stickers on Etsy (looking forward to trying those out!) but until they arrive, it’s to the world of free printables and cutting them all out myself! I am really grateful to the wonderful people out there who put up all these free printables.

     So, for this week I went with the Happy Hedgehog Planner Stickers by The hedgehogs are just adorable and I love the blue and purple theme. All of the stickers on this page are from that set and I used as many as I could (pretty much all of them!) on these two pages.

     Above is the start of the week and here’s how it looked by the end:

Photo - Planning with Geo Purple Week

     Pretty much the same but with a couple of things ticked off and a lot migrated to the following week (wasn’t the most productive of weeks but at least it looked pretty!).

     Onto last week now. I went back to a mismatch for these two pages – there’s a few stickers leftover from the hedgehog set, some sticky notes and a few stickers from other places. It’s all a bit cobbled together but at least the colours feel summery!

Photo - Planning with Geo (6)

     Sadly, my very unproductive week messed up the pretty aspect…just look at all those things I didn’t get done…you can have the best of plans but sometimes they just don’t work out and everything takes longer than you expected – decorating furniture for one. I pretty much just had a week of decorating furniture and getting distracted by crocheting!

Photo - Planning With Geo Weekly View (1)

     So that’s how my last two weeks have been – a bit unproductive but at least they looked pretty!

     At least having used these inserts for six weeks now, I can safely say that I really like the layout of them. Getting a layout your happy with makes a HUGE difference to planning.

     Oh, and remember, I have a small giveaway going on so check it out – Planning with Geo #4 – March Monthly View + Giveaway.


23 thoughts on “Planning with Geo #5 – Weekly View

  1. Up until very recently, I’ve been kind of against the whole planner movement. I felt like there was no point, because it just wasn’t for me. Thank you for proving otherwise to me! Your posts have inspired me to try it out 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I never would have thought my eclectic planner could inspire someone, it’s so good to hear! I hope giving the planner movement a shot works out and you can find that perfect planner for you, you’ll have to keep me updated! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I will 😀 I’m researching them right now, actually. I think my life as mom is busy enough to keep a planner filled. I’m just wondering if I’m disciplined enough to keep up with it!

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Gotta remember to put some time aside at the end of the day to get your plans in order! Took a while for me to get into the swing of it but eventually it becomes a habit. I think a lot of people get planners and think it’ll automatically help them keep their life in order but it doesn’t work very well if you never look at it xD

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Gotta plan to spend some time with your planner if you want to make it part of your routine 😀 Thankfully I find decorating my planner very relaxing so it’s my form of meditation but with a very practical purpose as well!

      Liked by 1 person

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