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April 2016 – Outgoing Snail Mail

     Last week I showed off some of my incoming mail from April so now it’s time to take a look at my outgoing mail. I don’t have as much outgoing mail as I’d like to have had and that’s my own fault. I had plenty of letters to respond too but I got into a bit of a slump and couldn’t motivate myself to respond. I’m getting back on track now though and it looks like May’s outgoing mail post will be a full one. But’s that’s a whole month away so let’s get back to April.

     A couple of letters to pen pals that I did get around to responding too:

Photo - April 2016 - Outgoing - Selection of Mail

Photo - April 2016  - Outgoing - Notecard to Jayne     My usual mix of stamps and stationery then! I got this really nice set of notecards in TK Maxx recently so I was happy to get the chance to send one off and to within Ireland nonetheless! It meant I finally got a chance to use my dog stamps that only came in a national postage rate and not international. It’s a bit awkward to use them in international letters (seriously, I spend so much time figuring out what awkward number stamps I can combine to make up €1.05!). Anyway, this one is of and Irish wolfhound (one of my favourite breeds of dog).

     Next up, some swaps from Swap-bot. I participated in two last month. One was to fill an envelope with 50g of flat goodies and the second was a tea, postcard and bookmark swap.

     Another swap I did last month was a craft and stationery swap with I had a lot of fun rummaging through my supplies and trying to fit as much as I could in the envelope I made (the envelope by the way is a sneak peek for one of next weeks topic – I’m going talking about colouring books and envelopes again!). I did get everything looking neat for this photo but then I had to mess it up a bit again to actually fit it in the envelope – typical!Photo - April 2016 - Outgoing - Swap with Jayne (1)

     Oh yes, this is everything just sprawled out:

Photo - April 2016 - Outgoing - Swap with Jayne (2)

     Next up, a card I sent to Myra from I have a lot of fun making cards to send to her. As usual, I sent a few treats along:Photo - April 2016 - Outgoing - Card to Myra Inside

     And this is what the outside of the card looks like:

     Two pictures! See, I made a mess up here. The one on the left with the buttons is how it looked first…only then I realised I couldn’t fit the card into the envelope because it was too thick! I had to remedy the situation by taking the buttons off and using an envelope friendly flat sticker instead to make up the centre of the flower. Doesn’t look quite as good but it did fit in the envelope which is very important!

     Just a few envelopes I decorated now. The purple one was what I put the items for flat goodies swap into and the other one I sent on its way to in Germany. Thankfully it got to her just before she left for Iceland! I’m quite happy with how the envelope came out – I’m getting quite fond of decorating envelopes. All I used for it was some die-cuts from a set, a few stickers (meant for sealing letters) and some stamps in colours that matched. The right stamp can make a big difference!

Photo - April 2016 - Outgoing - Mail Art
     The contents of the envelope to Germany and the back of the envelope:

     Some more mail art I am quite happy with was this envelope that I sent off to I used watercolours on the envelope to get a nice washed out blue and then used some sea themed cut outs from a colouring book along with a matching sea themed stamp! Unfortunately the sea themed stamp was only worth 60c so I needed an extra flower stamp to make up the cost but we can forgive that because it’s a flower stamp and we all now how much I love floral stamps.

Photo - April 2016 - Outgoing - Sea Themed Envelope

Photo - April 2016 - Outgoing - Sea Themed Envelope Inside     Because I used watercolours on the envelope, I did stick some card to the inside to make sure it stayed nice and sturdy for its travels – the card of course was a matching blue!

     Last but not least for my outgoing mail was a letter to my pen pal in New Zealand which gave me a chance to use an envelope I got in a swap I did back in March:

Photo - Letter to Dani, New Zealand

     As for goodies last month…a lot of my pen pals got stickers from me made using these washi tapes:

Photo - April 2016 - Outgoing - Clock and Teddy Stickers

     I just had to share the my love of these two very different but lovely tapes (did I ever mention that the teddy bear one only cost me 50c when Paperchase had their online sale?).

     So, now that I’ve finished showing off my mail, that bring April to an end! I hope you enjoyed looking at my outgoing mail for the month and maybe got a few ideas for your own.

     Until next month’s round up of this months mail…happy mailing everyone!

     Did I say mail too many times?


9 thoughts on “April 2016 – Outgoing Snail Mail

  1. The sea themed one is absolutely adorable! Your mail person must love all the pretty envelopes you put in your mailbox to get sent out. Beautiful job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. With matching pineapple paper for the letter too! Came from the Flow Book for Paper Lovers. I’ve used up most of the envelopes and letter paper from it now which is sad because it’s so nice!
      And love my dog stamps – just showing that Irish breeds are adorable! (By adorable, I probably just mean big but when it comes to animals the two words are practically interchangeable for me xD)


  2. Love that teddy stamp! Speaking of stamps, how do you choose yours? May sound like a silly question but I’m so new to stamps. Do you collect a load of stamps and then just weigh your letters at home and select whichever ones make up the price? Not sure how picky post offices are!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pretty much!
      Most of the time I’m just sending postcards and letters so I know that the price of those if they’re under 100g (and not too thick) is €1.05. From there, I just spend a lot of time on the An Post website deciding which stamps I like the look of most, and figuring out what awkward numbers I can add together to make the right number! – the Irish postal system doesn’t make it easy! It’s a good thing the number of stamps doesn’t matter, as long as they make up the price! I just finished decorating an envelope using 7 stamps just because I wanted a floral theme – two 48c stamps, three 1 c, one 2c and a 4c stamp!


    1. I like to think pretty mail is good for everyone. I’m happy making, it puts a smile on the face of the mail person to see such colouring mail (hopefully!) and the person recieving it gets a lovely surprise in their mailbox 🙂
      Ya, sometimes you can get some things for a good price from Paperchase but so much of the stuff is crazy expensive! I just frequently browse the site looking at the lovely expensive things, waiting to get an e-mail from them telling me they have sale on! xD With the price of that teddy bear tape, I actually bought three rolls of it…I’m stocked up for a while! 😀


    2. Yes I totally agree! It’s a pleasure for everyone! 🙂
      And yeah I totally feel you hahaha soo many nice things but so expensive!! Good for your tape! You never have enough! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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