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How to Make Planner Pockets

     It’s taken a while to get round to making these but as it was requested, today’s craft post will be about making planner pockets. I made one a while back for my own planner and showed you it back when I was doing my planner tour so today I’ll try my best to explain how to make one of these useful storage pockets.

Photo - Geo, Geometric Personal Filofox Planner Setup (18) - Fold Out Folder

Photo - Planner Pockets (2)     To start, you are going to need a scissors (or craft knife), a ruler, some glue (or tape) and a hole punch. Oh, and of course your paper/card stock of choice. For a personal size pocket, I use a 12×12 inch square of paperstock.

     The first steps are going to involve a lot of measurements.

     The size of the pocket is of course dependent on the size of your planner. For these pictures, I’m making a personal size one because I have a personal size planner but the steps are the same no matter what the size.

     This is the basic shape you want to make no matter what size: three page widths wide.

Photo - Planner Pockets (3)

     A cheat for measurements: if you have a page of your planner with you, you can just put it down on the page and trace around it. Just make sure that you can fit it on the page three times with enough left over for a tab like I have done in the picture above.

     Cut out it should look like this:

Photo - Planner Pockets (4)

     The next step is to start folding along the lines you’ve made and to make the pocket:

Photo - Planner Pockets (23)     A tip for folding: use your ruler to help you fold a straight line.

     Having made your left hand side pocket, the next step is to punch your holes so you can put it into your planner. I accidentally punched the holes in the wrong place on this pink pocket so I started making another one, just in case you were wondering why the pictures were going to change to maps and stripes!

     So, punching holes, that’s what you’re going to do next. Get a page from your planner to guide you with your hole punches. You want to have the holes on the very left and the very right like I have below.

Photo - Planner Pockets (10)

     You can put it into your planner like this but you’d have to open the rings up any time you wanted to take something out. The simple trick to being able to pop one side in and out without doing this is just cut little snips on the right hand side.

     So now you have the basics of your pocket. But the right hand side is a bit plain so time to add some extra storage space. It’s a bit hard to see in this photo but for a simple pocket, draw and cut out something like I have below in whatever size you need – a rectangle with tabs on three sides that you’ll fold in to stick down.

     For the top pocket, I wanted something I could close. This is the shape you want to cut out for that:

Photo - Planner Pockets (18)

     When folded up, you’ll get something like this:

Photo - Planner Pockets (19)

     When your pocket is made, just stick it down.Photo - Planner Pockets (20)

Photo - Planner Pockets (14)     For the closing part, I use these nifty little magnetic bookmarks. A pen pal gave me these so I’m not sure where to get them but they’re really useful, both as book marks and in crafts. If you can find some, get them!

     Just put some tape or glue on one side and stick it down so that you can open it up, pop the lid in and let the magnets keep it shut.

Photo - Planner Pockets (21)

     And there you have your pocket. Here is mine all filled up with stickers and tape and things:

Photo - Planner Pockets (26)

     This one is more paper than card stock so the holes on the right aren’t as sturdy as the blue polka dot one I made which was card. Still, they’re study enough for the amount that I open this pocket up (which isn’t very much because this is more of my emergency stash for if I’m out).

     I made a pocket planner size pocket too using the same basic shape just smaller.

For this one, I wanted a matching pocket on the right but the card stock I was using wasn’t wide enough so I had to cut it separately and stick it on.

Photo - Planner Pockets (25)

You’d probably have to do this way if you were make a pocket for your A5 size planner.

Anyway, this is the end result filled with a few supplies:

Photo - Planner Pockets (27)

I also did decide to quickly made an A5 pocket. I don’t have holes punched in it though as I didn’t have a page to guide me. To make an A5 pocket, it’s as simple as folding an A4 piece of paper in half. You then have to cut the pockets out on a different piece of paper and stick them in:

Photo - Planner Pocket

As you can see, an A5 size pocket is big enough to store a small notebook!

     And that’s how to make planner pockets! Sorry if my explaining things isn’t very good. Hopefully the pictures will do most of the explaining but if you have any questions, just ask and I’ll do my best to clarify things!

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