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Making a Beach Themed Room

     Okay, my last post was a sad one but we’re gonna get back to happy crafting today! Over the last few weeks me and my mom have been working on redesigning the sitting room. We wanted a seaside theme so she’s been buying and I’ve been making things to try fit that. Of course our oversized couches and built-in bookshelves aren’t perfect for that theme but they are the most comfortable couches ever so they’re not going anywhere – just gotta work with what you have!

    The previously yellow walls of the room are now painted warm sands (the darker colour on the right wall) and biscotti (the wall with the painting). As far as the buying is concerned, some new cushions with similar browns and a small amount of blue were required. Then, as it’s a big wall, we needed a picture with a fitting colour palette and theme to match. This is the biggest painting we could find (it was €100 in EZ Living).

Photo - Sitting Room

     Onto the making things now. Of course a coffee table is needed in a sitting room. The Ikea one I’d decorated before didn’t match at all but luckily when we were up there we’d some extra tables because they were so cheap so I set to decorating this one in a seaside theme. I did the legs the same way as last time, using yarn and wrapping it around (scroll down for the pictures on how to do this).

Photo - Coffee Table

     It took me a while to come up with how to decorate the top. Obviously you want something that looks good but you also need it to be a surface that you can clean. I stumbled across some self-adhesive wallpaper in B&Q that was perfect for the theme so I picked up a roll. I was doing this myself so I didn’t get it perfect – I ended up with quite a few air bubbles underneath but most of these I was able to get rid of by using my craft knife to prick holes that aren’t noticeable.

Photo - Coffee Table Decor

Photo - Remote Holder Real Colour     I like to keep the remotes neat and tidy and together so a box was in needed for this. Me and my mom spent a while looking. Eventually we tried TK Maxx and after some discussion we went with this two section one with hearts on either end. The only problem was it didn’t match the room – the wood was much darker. I solved this problem by painting the box using one of the tester pots of paint that we’d gotten to try on the walls (I think we tried about 11 different colours on the walls before settle on what we now have so I had plenty of tester pots!).

     Photo - PotThere’s a big plant in the room that was in one of those standard, terracotta coloured plastic pots. The colour stood out quite a bit so that pot also ended up getting painted. In fact, quite a few bits and pieces ended up getting painted using tester pots! It definitely helped make a mismatched selection of things come together and look cohesive.

     The Ikea coffee table is quite small so I decided we needed another small table. During the same Ikea trip when we bought the table, I also decided to pick up a step-ladder (can’t remember why though). Not wanting to buy something for the room, I figured the step ladder could make a decent little table and I was right!Photo - Stepladder Table

     Again, I painted the pieces with the tester pots to get a colour more in line with the room scheme and I also used some of the self-adhesive wallpaper on the lower step to tie it into the other table. I even managed to put the step-ladder together myself which I was very proud of.

     Now, the top of the step-ladder isn’t very big so to make it a more practical table, I put a breakfast tray on top – simple as that! (Oh, of course I painted that too!).

Photo - Tray

Photo - Coffee Table Books     There’s also some carefully selected and arranged coffee table books – yes one of those is a colouring book, you never know when you might need to colour something!

     I tend to have many bits and pieces relating to either crafts or snail mail lying about and I didn’t want these to be looking messy so they have their new home in the box you see on the lower step.

Photo - Box

     And finally, a new set of coasters were need of course! I was planning on making some but then my mom spotted these mini wooden crates in Tiger which looked like what I was going to make so we just got them instead and I…I think you can tell what I did now…painted them with the test pots! A really quick and simple thing to do but they match the colour scheme perfectly now!

And that is that, all the bits and pieces done to try make a relaxing seaside/beach hut theme in our suburban living room. The real star of the show is…the selection of tester pots that I used.

Photo - Paint Samplers

Oh yes, I promised pictures of how to decorate the table legs. Here they are:

     Hopefully the pictures have explained it because I’m terrible at explaining things. All you need is some yarn, double-sided tape and a scissors. It’s a really simple things to do.

16 thoughts on “Making a Beach Themed Room

  1. I love the step ladder, I will see if our Ikea has it. And lovely idea, I also just grab self-adhesive wallpaper for easy quick fixes, that way if we want to go back to how it originally looks, we can just easily peel it off.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a very useful addition to the room that step ladder – works as a table, you can pop a cushion on top and use it as an extra seat if you have a lot of people over and of course, use it to reach the top shelves…if you’re short like I am xD


  2. Wow! I really loved the thought of using leftover yarns for wrapping up table’s legs as covering. Very creative and I could clearly able to see how a small addition of beach theme could really transforms the whole room. Brilliant! Have an awesome weekend Emma.

    Liked by 1 person

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