Planning with Geo #7 – May Monthly View

Planning with Geo - May Monthly View

     And so, as the month of May draws to a close and we welcome in the summer, it is time to take a look at my monthly view. As you can see, still not using my monthly view too much other than to decorate. Although I have a very simple look this month. Most of the stickers used this month are from a free set I found at I just thought that the potted plants and watering can were really cute and fitting for the season. I also used up a few of those hedgehog stickers I had left over from hedgehog theme set that I used a few weeks ago in my weekly view.

     I rarely actually use my monthly section for planning purposes but yet I always put a monthly section in. It just doesn’t feel like my planner is complete unless I have a monthly section in it. Anyone else like that? I guess it’s just handy to have for the odd reference and it does give me a place to just decorate for the fun of it. I can decorate my weekly spreads but I have to do that while keeping in mind that I need it to be practical whereas I can go all out with my monthly views because I don’t actually use them to plan much. Trust me, you’ll understand what I mean when I say ‘go all out with it’ when you see my June view next month!


4 thoughts on “Planning with Geo #7 – May Monthly View

    1. Ya, at the moment I’m just struggling to find a use for them – I just don’t have that much to plan ahead! Maybe if I was still in college or working and had an awful lot of assignments and deadlines I knew about in advance but at the moment the furthest ahead I schedule is ‘I’ll meet you for tea next week’ so I just fill that in in the weekly section!

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