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Monthly Catch Up – May 2016

Photo - Geo  May has just finished and now it’s June…seriously, this year is going by really too fast for me! I need 2016 to slow down for a bit so I can get my life in order!

     Maybe that’s asking a bit too much – I’d need a lot of time to get my life in order. I guess I’ll just have to keep worrying about that. You know what you don’t need to worry about though, missing out on any of my posts from May because I’ve handily gathered them together in this one post so you can check that you’ve read everything!

     Sorry, terrible segue. Let’s just ignore it and just move onto the catch-up.

Photo - May Blog Posts (1)

     Okay, so I started the month with a monthly view planner post where I also announced my giveaway Planning with Geo#4 – a fairly good way to start a month if I do say so. Post number two goes to my Incoming April Snail Mail and boy did I have some pretty awesome snail mail to check out! Then, in honour of vaguely roughly a year (I’m not one for specifics really, I’d have to remember when I start things for that) of craft posts on my blog, I took a look back at My Top 5 Crafts that I’ve done.

    Then came the second week of May (it tends to follow the first) and as you can see, things get very messy when I start rearranging blog posts. Very messy but that’s okay, I can still (sort of) make sense of it! My planner post that week was originally meant to be my planner review post but I didn’t want to write it that week and instead caught up on My Weekly Views. Wednesday looked at my Outgoing April Snail Mail which went ahead as normal but I had more changes for Friday’s craft post because I hadn’t gotten around to making the things by then (which does help to have done for a post). Instead of the original topic I rushed to write about some Craft Room Storage Solutions instead.

Photo - May Blog Posts (2)

     My planner post for week three of May was My Weekly View where I also announced my giveaway winner and for my snail mail related post I finally got back round to looking at Colouring Books and Envelopes. I had changed topics the prior week but I eventually got round to making some planner pockets for my How to Make Planner Pockets posts (which hopefully was of some use because I am awful at explaining things!).

     And I eventually got around to rescheduling my Year of Planners post! My craft post was a mix of crafts and just showing some pieces bought for making a Beach Themed Room. Unfortunately, there was more rescheduling that week though as I cancelled the My Not So Crafty Side post in favour of posting A Tribute to my Puppy (thank you again to every who left such kind comments).

Photo - May Blog Posts (3)     And onto this week. I had my monthly view of May and of course this post. You also get a hint (and by hint I mean the exact topic) of what Friday’s post is going to be about!

     And so ends May.

     It was a month of ups and downs for me.

     Now that May is over, it’s properly summer – I can tell because I’m running out of tissues again (thanks allergies!).

     What about you, how was your May?


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