Months of Shopping

     It’s been a while since I’ve posted about craft hauls. I wish that could be because I don’t have any and that I’ve actually been very successful at saving my money…but that’s not the case. I most definitely have not been saving my money! I just haven’t gotten round to writing about my hauls so I guess now it’s time for a super haul post – haul of of my hauls from the past two months!

    Where do I even start…

     I guess with some crafty bits and pieces from April. Actually I didn’t buy these, my mom picked them up for me – because she’s wonderful like that and knows just how much I like stamps and die-cuts! Alphabet stamps are always useful to have and I like that this set has multiples of each letter so you can stamp the full word in one go which is great. Also, the paper pack was a nice addition to my set – some masculine paper – I used some of the papers from that pack to make my planner pockets.

Photo - April Spending - Craft Supplies (1)

     These are all bits and pieces that I picked up back in April (all either super cheap or on sale of course!):

Photo - April Spending - Craft Supplies (2)

     I also did I lot of internet shopping back in April, although it was on eBay and the things I was buying were coming from China so I didn’t get most of these until May. I bought a new case for my iPod because my cute confetti one was getting a bit tatty and I also bought a new case my kindle because I really did need it, the old one was almost falling a part.

The kindle cover says ‘and I think to myself what a wonderful life’ while the iPod one says ‘take these broken wings and learn to fly’.

     I also bought quite a few stickers on eBay because I desperately needed to restock my sticker folder (it really was sparse). It was a nice surprise getting them because I just ordered them and forgot about them until they arrived. Yay to surprise stickers!

Photo - Ebay Sticker Haul

     I bought these next two paper packs in TK Maxx last month. It’s not often they have them in TK Maxx but when they do, they’re totally worth getting because they’re only €9 whereas similar paper packs are €15 in Art&Hobby (although sometimes I find sale ones for only €7.50 in there). I already have the Capsule Geometric collection but it’s the neon one. I figured this Mono one would be quite useful (who doesn’t love gold and black!). The Little Meow collection is just adorable. Seriously, so much cuteness in it!

Photo - Paper Packs

Photo - Flow Sketchbook     Last month I also decided to get more Flow products – I do absolutely love my Flow Books for Paper Lovers. I ended up buying three of the books – the Flow Sketchbook, Flow Japan Book and the Flow Illustration Special. The Sketchbook is really nice. It’s in Dutch and English and has tutorials on how to draw different things so if you like the artwork you often see on Flow products and want to draw like that, it’s useful. The Japan book is in Japanese. It has some tutorials and different articles. I wanted it because I’m hoping it’ll encourage me to read some Japanese because I really need to get back into practising before I forget everything I studied! I’ll hopefully pick up plenty of useful words to talk about my hobbies. The Illustration Special I got (which is the one in the photo) is in Dutch only but I wanted it anyway and seeing as I’m learning Dutch at the moment, I now have something to practice reading. It came with some nice paper goodies too!

     Since I started learning to crochet, I decided to get a set of crochet hooks and these ones came in a lovely, lovely case!

     And now for my last lot of things to show, my most recent Cork Arts Supplies / Cardz’n’Scrapz haul. I spent a huge €160 in this online haul. It’s because my dog died so I was doing some retail therapy and it very quickly escalated. I mean, €99 of my purchase went to one item. I got a Cuttlebug die-cutting machine! I love it, I really do. I have a few dies to use in it but I can’t use them yet actually. I need to buy an extra plate so they’ll fit in because they’re from different brands.

Photo - Cuttlebug Machine

     I did pick up some embossing folders though in my haul and they work fine in it (and actually, it came with an embossing folder too which is nice). I also just picked up a few extra bits and pieces…some small card packs and lots more die-cuts…I really love the StudioLight sets, they’re just so pretty!

Photo - Cork Arts Supplies Misc. Bits

     Spending time browsing the website was a nice distraction after my puppy died and needless to say, it was also really nice having a very large package to open up a few days later!

     And so, there’s the proof that my saving has not been going so well these past few months…has not been going well at all! I keep trying but every time I see pretty craft stuff and stationery I’m drawn back into spending my money! If anyone has any tips for restraining yourself, do let me know, I could do with some help!


11 thoughts on “Months of Shopping

  1. They don’t call it retail therapy for nothing. Any bereavement, human or furry, is horrid and you just need to do whatever it takes to get you through it. If that is stickers and paper, fine! I covet some of your lovely purchases!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The funny thing is it’s only with pets dying that I go and do retail therapy! I have four more cats…let’s hope nothing happens to them for a while because my bank balance couldn’t handle it!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. So many craft products, so little money! I am loving my cuttlebug and using my few embossing patterns. I ordered a c plate for it which will hopefully arrive soon so I can use some of my dies in it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Those Roald Dahl stamps are AWESOME! 😀 But actually I love pretty much everything in this haul. And don’t worry, you’re not the only one who’s struggling to resist the temptation of craft-shopping! I’ve been trying to force myself to use up nearly everything in my stash before I let myself buy more…with sadly mixed results, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aren’t they just! They should go really well with the Roald Dahl themed paper that I bought ages ago – also on sale…I do love a craft item on sale. Makes me feel less bad about getting it when I should be saving my money 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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