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May 2016 – Incoming Snail Mail

     Hey everyone! It’s a Wednesday near the start of the month so regular readers of my blog should know what that means – it’s time to show off my mail and this week it’s incoming mail time! Let’s get started with some Swap-bot swaps I took part in.

     I’ve slowed my swaps down a bit but I like to find one or two a month to participate in. For May I found a chocolate swap, my first food swap on swap-bot! I sent my chocolate off to New Zealand while a package of 200g of chocolate was coming my way from Sweden. It’s always interesting getting food from different countries. I wasn’t very fond of the Dumle chocolate bar (didn’t stop me from eating it!) but the other three were lovely!

Photo - May 2016 - Incoming - Swedish Chocolate

   The second swap from May that I took part in was a postcard mish-mash swap, meaning you send five random postcards from your stash that you don’t want. In return, you get sent five random postcards from someone else – you keep what you like and just send on the ones you don’t in the next swap. I happen to quite like the postcards I got and the person sent me a few extra things as well which was nice – a heart for her!Photo - May 2016 - Incoming - Postcard Mish Mash

Photo - May 2016 - Incoming - Postcards (1)     Onto Postcrossing now! An update on my Postcrossing stats: I’ve sent 33 and received 35. They’re getting close to even (before I had received about 5 more than I had sent)! I sent out a lot of postcards at the start of the month to get my stats back to even (you’ll see those next week) so while I sent 8 I only got 2 back. The penguin card is really cute though. I got a chance to practice my Japanese reading the message which was nice! I’m learning Dutch and Japanese so really I appreciate when people write to me in languages I’m learning.

     Also, the other postcard arrived the same day from America and had a penguin stamp to match the Japanese postcard!

     Getting to pen pals now, I have to give a huge shout out of Myra from Those Secrets We Keep! She always sends me lovely cards and this is what she sent me for May:

Photo - May2016 - Incoming - Card from Myra

Photo - May2016 - Incoming - Mini Photo Flipbook (6)     Isn’t it lovely? But there was more, she also sent me a really cool mini photo flip-book…thing! I’m not sure what to call it other than amazing. I have to say, it definitely made me smile when I took it out of the envelope and started opening it up!

     Here it us unfolded:

     It’s really cool. I need to learn how to make it because I think it’s a wonderful idea. Considering I got it around the time my dog passed, it seemed fitting to put a picture of him in it and that escalated to putting pictures of a lot more pets in it! I had fun though looking through folders for old pictures of pets. A few are missing because cameras weren’t nearly as common 15 years ago but I tried to get as many cats in as I could.

Photo - May2016 - Incoming - Mini Photo Flipbook (3)

Photo - May 2016 - Incoming - Letters     Oh yes, and here’s the envelope that Myra sent it in, loving all the cameras! I photographed it here alongside the lovely and striking envelope that contains a letter from my newest pen pal, Stephanie from Marine Girls Adventures.

     She used some really cute paper in her letter:

Photo - May 2016 - Incoming - Letter Paper

     I was lucky enough to get not one, but two letters from Jayne from JaynieMack in May, having a pen pal in the same country as you can be a nice thing! Especially when the mail is so pretty to look at – Jayne has some wonderful stationery and I am a bit jealous.

      And just when the month was almost over and I thought I wasn’t going to get any more mail…I get a strawberry envelope arriving in my letterbox sent to me from Keely (Sarr Trek), which did give me a craving for strawberries – good thing it’s strawberry season!Photo - May 2016 - Incoming - Letter from Keely (1)

     A colourful envelope is always appreciated! I especially liked the Italian souvenirs – if I can’t get there myself I can at least read up on the museum brochure, I’ll be prepared for when I get there someday…which I will…someday…Photo - May 2016 - Incoming - Letter from Keely (2)

     Anyway, that’s all for my May incoming mail! Well, that wasn’t all of it, a had a few other pieces but if I showed you everything this would be an even longer post and I must have limits! Plus, actually, a lot of my incoming in May was shopping related…I did buy an awful lot of things online that arrive in May! But enough, you have other blogs to be reading and I have a trip to Italy to daydream about…someday it will happen…

   Oh wait, before I go…stamp time!

     Now your’re free to go read other blogs!


12 thoughts on “May 2016 – Incoming Snail Mail

  1. What a beautiful stash of mail and postcards. I have one of those little flip albums made using some G45 papers sitting on my desk right now. I made it ages ago and if you check on Pinterest I’m sure you will find a tutorial for one.Look under mini albums.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You did amazing on your flip book! That was a great idea to put in your pets.
    I follow a lady who makes everything with paper and she makes it always looks so easy, this one was easy once you start cutting from the bottom up.
    The chocolate exchange looks like something I would do! lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!
      Well if this is making sure you cut properly, I think I may have some problems. Me and cutting things to size properly don’t work well together xD I think it’s because I never measure. Some people just manage to make things looks so easy – usually when I try it takes at least twice as long and I probably make four times the mess!


  3. I love that flipbook–and how you decorated it as a tribute to your pets! It’s strange to think of how many fewer photos I have of everything that happened in my childhood/the mid-90s, before digital cameras even took off…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Isn’t it nice, really gotta learn how to make some of those flipbooks! I know, it’s takes looking back to see the difference. Like, the photos I used of my guinea pigs in the flipbook are the only ones I could find of them and actually we had one guinea pig who died really young but sadly we don’t have any pictures. In contrast, I have a ton of pictures of my dog because when we got him pocket cameras were all the rage and of course then phone cameras developed.


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