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Birthday Presents and Feel Better Gifts

     Last month it was my mom’s birthday so you know what that meant – time to make a birthday card! It was also a great excuse to have fun with other crafts too and I’m always up for that, especially if it means bunting. I love the idea of bunting but just haven’t had the reason to use it until now. There was some really nice bunting in the Flow Book for Paper Lovers that I wanted to use, so my mom’s birthday was as good a time as any!

     When she went up to bed, I got to work hanging the bunting up in a place she would see it straight away when she came down in the morning.

Photo - Birthday Bunting (1)

Photo - Birthday Bunting (4)     Isn’t that chalkboard lettering nice? I went with ‘Today is a great day for fun’ because that was the longest message I could get with the letters I had available – I couldn’t write ‘happy birthday’ because I didn’t have enough ‘h’s.

     Oh by the way, remember my post on making a beach themed room? Well, I didn’t have any before photos of the room but here they are in the background!

     But back to the decorations. I had the message on the bunting and then above I hung another piece of twine (stuck to the wall by the way with washi tape which doesn’t do any damage to walls, great tape it is). Anyway, I used little mini pegs, that you can probably find in most craft stores, to hang miscellaneous items. I used some journal cards with nice messages and pictures, or in this case, my very first crochet granny square and a die-cut image that she really liked. The granny square turned out to be a nice touch. It reminded her of the crocheting her mother used to do and was the same colour and everything.

Photo - Birthday Bunting (2)

     Some bunting and a hanging of items like this is a great idea for birthdays and special occasions. You can really personalise what you decide to hang up, just as long as nothing is too heavy of course! But it’s a really simple thing to do, looks great and will put a smile on the persons face. You really can hang anything small and light up…like this tea bag I hung up. Who doesn’t want a garland with tea!

Photo - Birthday Bunting (3)

     I also had the birthday card hanging up as well, although it’s not pictured above because it had been opened by the time I took the picture. Here’s the card I made:

Photo - Birthday Card for Mom (1)

Photo - Birthday Card for Mom (2)     The card is on the right and the envelope is on the left. I like to make matching decorative envelopes. I have fun with them, especially when I know it’s not going in the mail because you have a lot more freedom then. All these are are paper, die cuts and doilies layered on top of each other, with a frame to finish it off the card. Once I decided on what papers I wanted to go for and picked out some matching die-cut sentiments, it was really quick to put together.

     I practised some nice handwriting on the inside – I googled for some pictures and copied them (gotta start somewhere!).

     My dad was insisting that he’d just buy a card in the stops until he realised they don’t have a great selection of cards and the ones they have are expensive for what they are. Coming to his senses, he just paid me to make a card instead (always happy for a few euro!). I was in a card making mood so I ended up making a few and let him pick which one he wanted.

Photo - May Card Making (1)

     He picked the wine card – my mom is fond of her wine. The die-cut says ‘everything is better love and laughter’ so I paired it with some die-cut pictures of wine and added ‘and wine’ using some sticker letters.

Photo - May Card Making (4)

     So that was the craftiness involved in my mom’s birthday. Next up, a card I made for my dad. It wasn’t his birthday or anything but he’d been going through a stressful time, dealing with travelling a lot and his sick mother. We’d been planning to get him a Kindle for father’s day but June was too far away (this was happening back in April). We ended up just getting it for him as a surprise ‘pick-me-up’ gift so, surprise, I took charge of wrapping it and making a nice looking card!

Photo - Present Wrapping and Card Making (1)

     I used some wrapping paper that came in the Flow Book for Paper Lovers (I love the book so much!). Basically, it was the most masculine paper I had, everything else I owned at the time was floral! After wrapping the kindle up, I then stuck a thick brown ribbon down with a thinner black and gold one on top (I used doubled sided tape to stick the ribbon down because I just can’t tie ribbons).

     As for the card, I decided to put the heavy decoration on the envelope. I used a die cut set of a plane as my dad happens to really like planes. I backed it onto a piece of wood patterned card to match the dark colours in the pictures.

     So there you have it, three cards and some creative bunting. I hope these have given you some ideas of what you can do next time some special to you has an occasion to be celebrated!

15 thoughts on “Birthday Presents and Feel Better Gifts

  1. Reblogged this on CraftyCAN's Blog and commented:
    Am loving the Cards…and certainly on point where buying vs crafting is concerned (at least in my ever so not humble opinion!)

    And I’m loving the Bunting!!! Hmmm, now I just know I can ‘blokey’ that up for a certain NYE/Birthday Bash we’ve got in a few short months time….hehehehe.

    Happy reading, and hope you enjoy this Blog from Puddle Side Musings as much as I did!

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  2. Great ideas, thank you for sharing! Now I should set a memo in my cell phone to remember them on my daughter’s birthday, I am sure she’d love the banner 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I’m glad I was able to provide some useful ideas! Do you use pinterest? I find it really useful for remembering birthday and occasion ideas. I have a board on it just for pinning birthday ideas because I know full well I’m not going to remember them!


    1. Haha, everything is better with presents! Presents and chocolate! I was actually going to hang a small bucket of truffles up there as well but I was worried it might fall after I went up to bed and I the dog might have gotten to them.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I think I was trying to hard with my lettering to be completely original but then I realised I should really treat it like I did drawing when I was younger – I didn’t just know how to draw things straight away, I started tracing/copying images until I had a feel for things and then was able to make my own images. Lettering is just the same!


  3. Haha there’s nothing like having to come up with creative, alternative phrases for things because you don’t have enough of a certain letter, right?!? The bane of my existence with letter-stickers. I think you found a lovely way to say it anyway 😀 You are a master card-maker/decorator, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks you!
      It definitely challenges you! The bunting pieces were double sided so each piece had two letters and you could pick one to use but unfortunately the ‘t’ and ‘h’ were on the same piece and there were only 2 so that’s why I couldn’t spell ‘happy birthday’. But for some reason there were plenty of ‘v’s. Flow is a Dutch magazine so I’m wondering if the letters were arranged for dutch spelling!


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